5 Best Places to Install Smoke Detectors and Fire Security Tools at Home

There are various emergency situations that you need to deal with when it comes to your home security. The potential threats are there, and if you are not careful, your property might be damaged or destroyed because of it. The fire incident is one of the most common threats of home security that homeowners need to have protection from. This is because if not treated properly, it can damage your entire property and threaten the safety of your family members.

To protect your house from fire incidents, which can happen because of various reasons, you need to install smoke detectors and security tools at home. These tools can help to prevent as well as control the fires in your home so that it won’t do any heavy damage or risk the safety of your family members. Here are 5 best places to install smoke detectors and fire security tools at home:

1. Kitchen

This is the place where fire usually ignited for the first time. Many fire incidents happen when the homeowner keeps the fire lit in this area. For instance, when they are cooking, they forgot to turn off the stove, and it accidentally spread into various other things, catching up with the gas.

Therefore, it is so important to install smoke detectors in the kitchen area so that you can be notified when the smoke is accumulated. If you forgot to turn off the stove, it won’t start any fire incident since the smoke alarm will be turned on. You can rush to the kitchen and turn the fire off immediately.

2. Garage

The garage is also the place where fire incidents can potentially happen in your house. This is because most of the time, you will store and use electrical appliances in this area, especially those with heavy voltage. Since you will also park your car there, it can be a dangerous combination that can cause potential dangers to your property.

You also need to install smoke and CO detectors in this area to minimize the chance for it to start any fires or carbon monoxide leaks. Moreover, your car might also release CO gas without you knowing about it. The CO detectors can prevent any health damage due to the prolonged exposure to this dangerous gas.

3. On the Walls and Ceilings

Fire incidents can totally be prevented if you can detect the smoke as early as possible. Since the smoke can spread very quickly to each part of the room, it is always a good idea to have smoke detectors installed on the walls and ceilings. At least, two smoke detectors are needed for each room to detect the smoke effectively. This way, you won’t need to see it spread to other rooms before you get notified about it.

The walls and ceilings can be the best place for you to install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and prevent any fire from getting bigger.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you can rest and relax after a long day. It is also the place that needs to stay safe and secure for you. Thus, installing smoke detectors and fire security tools becomes a priority in this area. Also, make sure that you have an emergency route set up for the bedroom. This way, you can simply escape from the house in the time of emergency directly from this room.

Having some fire extinguishers ready to use in the bedroom is also important to ward off any fire that reaches this area. It can help to clear the path during an emergency.

5. Throughout the Emergency Route

You need to have a solid emergency escape plan for your house to stay safe during fire incidents. Installing smoke detectors and security alarms throughout the emergency route can greatly reduce the risk of getting trapped in the fire. You can also call for help immediately as you are escaping from the scene. Also, placing fire extinguishers throughout the emergency route can help you turn off the fire before they are spreading further.

In fact, installing these tools is a good idea to control the fires and help you reach the safety area as soon as possible. If the fire is not too big, you can even turn it off completely by yourself.

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