5 Best Places To Install Surveillance Camera Without Invading Your Privacy At Home

The primary purpose of security or surveillance cameras is to help monitor the condition of a place in case there is something suspicious or threatening going on. When something bad happens in any place, you can easily identify the people that are involved in it thanks to the help of surveillance cameras. Thus, security cameras should be used only for this purpose, and it shouldn’t be used to invade anyone’s privacy at all.

It’s the same when you decide to install surveillance camera at home. It shouldn’t be placed in spots where it might invade your privacy. It should be placed in places that you want to monitor 24 hours to prevent any criminal or suspicious activity in your home. Here are the 5 best places to install surveillance camera without invading your privacy at home:

1. At The Entry Points Of Your Home

This place is the most recommended place to install security cameras at home. According to the security data, most burglars and intruders will enter your home through your home’s entry points, which means that they can enter through your front door, back door, or windows. So, it’s better to prioritize your security camera installation around the entry points of your home. In this way, you will know the people who are entering your home and the exact time when they do it. With the facial recognition software, you can even identify people that you don’t know and set up notification when they enter your home.

2. At Specific Rooms Where You Store Your Valuable Items

It is advisable that you store your valuable items in a safe deposit box and put this box in a separate room, so that only you or certain people you trust can access it. Depending on the value of your items, using a specific room to store your valuable items is a good idea to prevent it from being scattered around the house, especially if you have kids or little children living with you. Placing surveillance cameras in the rooms where you store your valuable items is good keep the rooms secure from intruders.

3. At Your Baby’s Or Kid’s Room

Installing a security camera in your child’s room is a good idea, provided that they are still little kids or babies. If you install surveillance cameras in your teenage child’s room, it will be considered a privacy breach. But, if you install it in your baby’s or kid’s room so that you can monitor their activity in their room, especially at night, then it can help to keep them safe and protected. Burglars may enter your home, but their main intention may not just to steal your valuable items, but to put a threatening risk to your little children as well.

4. At The Outdoor Areas Of Your Home

The outdoor areas of your home are also the best places to install your security camera. This is because when intruders want to break into your home, they will tend to see whether your home is good enough to break-in or not. They will move around your home to see whether you are at home, or whether it is safe for them to start their criminal act. You can spot these suspicious people circling your home by putting surveillance cameras in the outdoor areas. Also, you can see whenever there is a suspicious car parked in front of your home to monitor your activity.

5. At The Exit Points Of Your Home

While you should put priority into placing surveillance cameras at the entry points of your home, you shouldn’t forget about the exit points as well. When you place the cameras at the exit points of your home, the places are the same as the entry points, only that you place them inside your home, not outside. By placing your security cameras in this place, you will know the people who come out of your house and the time they do that. For instance, you will know when your family members leave your home, so that you know the people who are still at home at any given time.

Those are the 5 best places to install surveillance camera without invading your privacy at home. By installing your security cameras at those places, you are improving your home security and making sure that your property, valuable items, and family members stay safe all the time.

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