5 Facts about Home Burglary That Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Burglary is a crime that is commonly happening throughout the country, and it usually involves breaking into a house and stealing the valuable items in it. This crime can happen at any time, whether daytime or nighttime, as long as there is a chance for the intruders to break into their target property undetected. It can be done by either amateur or expert burglars.

As a homeowner, you need to always be aware about the possibility of this crime happening in your property. That’s why it is very important for you to prevent it from happening by installing a good home security system in your property. Not only can it protect your property from being burglarized, it can also protect your family members from getting hurt in this incident. Here are 5 facts about home burglaries that every homeowner needs to know:

1. Most Burglaries Take Place in Day Time

While most people might think that burglars will perform their action at night time due to the higher chance of not being caught in the act, the fact remains that most burglaries take place in day time, especially at the time when the owners leave for work. So, between 10AM to 3PM is the usual time for burglars to break into their target house and steal the valuables in it.

It is also important to note that a good number of burglaries that take place in the day time happen when the owner or family members are still in the house.

2. Security System is a No-no for the Burglars

When the burglars are looking for a house to target, they will first take a look at the security system in it. If the house does have a security system installed, they will avoid it and choose a different house in the neighborhood. In fact, they will most of the time try to avoid houses that have an alarm system installed because it would risk their operation.

However, though, when you place a sign from an alarm company that your house is protected by a certain brand of security system, burglars will tend to disregard this and see for themselves whether the house really has an alarm system or not before they decide to take action.

3. Burglary Happens Very Quickly

Most burglaries happen in less than 10 minutes. This is because the intruders want to ensure that they can get away with their stolen items in as little time as possible before someone caught them in their act. There are even burglaries that happen in just less than 5 minutes, which is often done by experienced criminals that have planned their operation carefully.

This is also why many burglaries that happen in a house happen when the owner or family members are still inside the house. Moreover, the owner or family members don’t even notice that there are intruders inside the house.

4. Unlocked Doors or Windows are the Usual Entry Points

Before breaking anything, the intruders will usually see if the target house has some entry points that they can enter through. Unlocked doors and windows are usually the best entry points for these bad people to enter into their target property. Usually, these unlocked doors and windows are the entry points that the owner forgot to lock before they go to bed or leave their house.

This is a very common security weakness that every homeowner needs to be aware of because it can be used by the intruders to enter their house without having to break anything.

5. Most Burglars Can Get Away with Their Crimes Undetected

Only a small percentage of burglars get caught or arrested by the police after performing their act. This is mainly due to the target property not having any video monitoring or alarm system that can notify the authorities right away at the time of the incident. Burglaries that get detected can get detected because the homeowner has a security system installed so that the authorities can come to the house immediately.

Moreover, most intruders break into their target house with masks that are difficult to identify, which is why they can get away with their crimes if there are not enough evidence or clues from the video surveillance system. This is what makes it more important for homeowners to prevent the act of burglary by installing a good home security system in their house.

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