5 Features to Seek in a Good Intercom System for Your Home

Home intercom system is a type of home security tools that allows you to communicate internally within the various spots in your house. This is usually used if you have a property that is big enough that it would be impractical for you to meet with each family member just to tell them about something every time you want to do it.

The intercom stations can be installed in the rooms that you have inside the house. With the installation of these stations, you will be able to speak to any room or broadcast any message through the intercom system to all family members.

Not only that, the intercom system can also be used to talk with your guests without having to open the front door for them. If it is equipped with a camera, you can see who the guests are and speak to them through the station to ask them about their purpose of visiting your house.

There are also many other features that are useful to help protect your house from intruders. Here are 5 features to seek in a good home intercom system:

1. Connection with Smart Devices

There are two types of home intercom system that you can choose. The first one is the wired intercom system, and the second one is the wireless intercom system. The good thing about the wireless intercom system is that you don’t need to keep it attached in one place all the time. You can easily move the station around just to find the most comfortable spot for you to use.

Moreover, there should be a feature that allows you to connect the system with your smart devices. With this feature, it is possible to broadcast your messages to all stations that you have at home using your smartphone. Moreover, you can access the intercom data from anywhere.

2. Encrypted Communications

When you use the intercom system, the voice data gets transmitted from one station to the other stations. What you need to ensure is that you can get these communications encrypted all the time. You don’t want the intruders to hack into your intercom stations to determine your habits or find some sensitive information.

Remember that if the communication is not encrypted and the intercom system uses the wireless network to communicate with each other, it will be easy for the intruders to hack into your intercom station and collect some important information before they start raiding your home.

3. Long-lasting Backup Power Source

In times of emergency, you want to have your intercom system ready to use and running fine even without the main power source. Thus, it is best to find the one that has a long-lasting backup power source for each station. There are many intercom stations that are equipped with lithium ion battery to keep it turned on for 24 hours during the power outage.

However, wired stations might not have this feature. Keep in mind that if you choose the wired system that doesn’t have this feature available, you might not be able to use the intercom system in times of natural disasters and other unfortunate events.

4. Integrated Camera and Door Unlock System

It is better to choose the intercom system that has integrated camera and door unlock system. The integrated camera will help you see the faces of your family members when you talk to them through the station just to ensure that they are fine. You can also see the guests outside the front door and talk to them face-to-face through the intercom station.

The door unlock system will help you to easily lock or unlock the front door after talking with your guest. If you think that the guest is not a good person, you can lock the door through the intercom station, and you can even integrate an alarm system to make your house more secure.

5. Baby/Elder Monitoring

The home intercom system can also be used to monitor your baby or small children, as well as senior family members. It can be used to ensure that they are healthy, as well as to check their condition without having to visit their room too often. So, choose the one that offers this feature if you have small children or senior family members in the house.

This monitoring system can also help you to give them emergency help when they need it. It can be integrated with the health safety alarm so that you can send the medical help needed as soon as possible.

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