5 Home Security Tips for Two-Story Houses – What to Do in Case of Emergency

Managing a two-story house is obviously more difficult than managing the regular one-story house. In terms of security, it is more complicated. You need to double the security of your two-story house to provide maximum protection to your property. You need to install more alarms, sensors, cameras, and other security equipment. Moreover, in case of emergency, you need to go through the escape route to reach the ground, especially if you use the second floor as the place to do your daily activities.

So, if you own a property with two floors and your family members are occupying the rooms in both first and second floor, what should you do in case of emergency, such as fire, flood, and home invasion? Here are 5 home security tips for two-story houses and what to do in case of emergency:

1. Don’t Stay Trapped at the Top Floor

The most common mistake that you might do in case of emergency, especially fire emergency, is to stay at the top floor. Staying at the top floor will only add more risks for you to catch the fire. It is the same with home invasion. You will end up getting found by the intruders if you don’t move quickly.

If you are at the top floor when the emergency happens, you should find the escape route to reach the ground floor as soon as possible. Please note that this tip doesn’t apply to floods.

2. Follow the Escape Route to Reach the Ground

Before the emergency happens, you need to plan the escape route for your house and teach your family to deal with the situation properly. Let them know the escape route and conduct training for emergency situations at least twice per month. Make sure that they are familiar with the escape plan and the route to take.

The goal is to reach the ground safely and as quickly as possible. After that, you can contact the authorities right away.

3. In Case of Floods, Reach the Top Floor

Staying at the top floor is dangerous in case of fire and home invasion, but it can be a safe way for you to keep yourself safe from floods. In fact, if your house is constructed properly, it will be able to withstand the floods when they are coming, and you can stay safe when you reach the second floor.

However, it is important for you to keep various supplies at the top floor in case of floods, so that you can survive for a few days before the help arrives.

4. Jumping from the Roof Might be Necessary

If your life is in danger due to fire or threats from the intruders, you might need to get out of the house right from the roof. This is especially true if your room is in the second floor and the burglars have occupied the first floor. You can’t really get out of the house via the first floor. So, you need to have the courage to jump down to the ground.

To stay safe in this type of situation, you need to always keep some ropes handy. You should have them in your room and in some places around the second floor. Store them well in case you need it later.

5. Don’t Gather in One Place

In time of emergency, you need to teach your family members not to panic and focus on moving quickly and safely. Don’t gather in one place as it can only increase the risk of danger in this type of situation. Move one by one through the escape route and try to spread out. In time of burglaries, gathering in one place can only make the entire family get spotted, and they can become hostages. In time of fire, it can only lower the survival rate.

The point is to move one by one in organized manner, reach the ground, and get help as soon as possible. That’s the right way to stay safe in case of emergency.

Living in a two-story house shouldn’t be a problem for you when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe in time of emergency. You just need to know what to do, have some action plans, and get some practices. In this way, when the emergency happens, you can deal with it properly.

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