5 Mistakes People Make When Installing a New Smart Locking System at Home

In terms of security, the difference between the traditional and smart locking system is like the difference between the day and night. With the smart lock, you can integrate the whole home security system with your mobile devices and computers so that you can control it from any device. The locking mechanism is completely different from the traditional one, and it allows you to improve your overall home security significantly. There will be no more problems such as missing keys, keys being used by unauthorized people, you are being locked out due to broken keys, and other similar problems happening when you use the smart locking system at home.

However, when installing a new smart locking system, you need to be aware not to make mistakes that might create security vulnerabilities for your house. Here are 5 mistakes people make when installing a new smart locking system at home:

1. Not Using the Same Brand as Your Existing Home Security System

If you are using a particular brand for your existing lock mechanism, it might be worth thinking about what brand that you want to use for your next smart lock. Most of the time, the brand that you use matters because if you use the same brand, you can have a similar experience in setting up and using the smart locking mechanism that you plan to install.

Moreover, you will most likely still be able to integrate the existing home security system with the new smart lock. It will help to set up the best locking mechanism for your house. However, this is not something that you must do. Rather, it is something that will be more convenient for you to do.

2. Removing the Deadbolts

There are many people making a mistake of removing deadbolts upon the installation of a new smart lock system. This is something that you don’t need to do. In fact, the deadbolt locks that are already installed on your doors will help to strengthen and improve your new smart lock system because it can easily be integrated with it.

The deadbolts help you to lock the entry points and prevent any intruders from breaking the doors with force. By removing the deadbolts, you will not get the same advantage. But, when you keep the deadbolts and integrate it with the new smart lock system instead, you will be able to strengthen your overall home security.

3. Not Fixing the Problems with the Doors

Before installing the smart lock, you need to ensure that your doors don’t have any lingering problems. For instance, it might be difficult to close or it needs to be pushed more before you can lock it. If you have this type of problem in your doors, installing a new smart lock system will be difficult to do. At least, when you’ve installed it, the locks might not work properly.

The measurements and door type are also important to consider before you install the new smart lock. Unless it corresponds with the exact door requirements, you might not be able to install it properly.

4. Not Changing the Default PIN Code/Password

For people who are new with the smart locking mechanism, they might not be willing to tinker with the settings of the new smart lock system once it is installed. Thus, they will keep using the default password or PIN code and don’t change any of it after the installation. This might be bad for your home security because by using the default PIN code or password, intruders can easily open your smart lock without having to break anything.

So, it is recommended for you to change the default PIN code or password immediately after the installation of the smart lock. It is also better to change your password or PIN code regularly at least once per week.

5. Not Ensuring Compatibility with Other Home Security Devices

If you already have some other home security devices installed, such as monitoring cameras, alarm system, sensors, detectors, and any other type of home security equipment, it is better for you to ensure the compatibility of your new smart lock with the existing security devices. This is because it will help you to integrate the new smart locking system to your existing home security system easily.

When the smart locking system and the other home security devices are compatible with each other, you can easily control all your security tools using your mobile devices or computers. Also, these security tools will work together more smoothly to prevent any burglars or intruders.

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