5 Mistakes that Make Your Security Cameras Unusable to Catch Burglars

One of the primary functionality of security cameras is to detect and record suspicious people around your property. In so doing, when the burglary happens, you can record the faces and movements of the perpetrators and use that recording to track down those burglars in case they have fled the scene when the authorities arrived at your house.

So, these security cameras are very useful to be used to catch the burglars, and it will make the process even easier because the authorities can just match their faces or vehicle plate number in their database in order to find the identity of the burglars. However, it can only be done when your security cameras can function properly as intended.

In some cases, though, you might be unable to catch the intruders that have burglarized your house simply by doing some mistakes related to your security cameras. Here are 5 mistakes that make your security cameras unusable to catch burglars:

1. You Put It in the Wrong Place

The good thing about outdoor security cameras is that they can be used to detect suspicious movements of intruders even before they can reach your house. It means that it can be used as a prevention system to ensure that your house is not getting burglarized while you sleep.

However, when you put it in the wrong place that makes it unable to scan the whole area of your backyard or front yard, it can cause big problems. It can be your security vulnerability, and burglars can easily use it to slip through the outdoor area straight to your house. Because their movements can’t be detected, they can steal from your property and get away with it.

2. You Don’t Hide Some Cameras

Some burglars will be terrified when they learn that their target property has many security cameras installed. But, some others might feel challenged by it and decide to burglar your property despite the risk. For experienced burglars, dealing with security cameras is probably something that they need to do in almost every act of burglary that they perform, and it might probably be part of their “job description.” Thus, they will have some tools ready to disable any security cameras that they come across.

This is what will happen when you display all your security cameras. Without hiding some surveillance devices, burglars can find them and disable them either by cutting the wires, disabling the network, or by any other means.

3. The Night Vision Function is Disabled

A great deal of burglaries is done in the night when the homeowners are sleeping and the neighborhood becomes quiet. This is why you need to equip your outdoor security surveillance with the night vision function in order to make it possible for it to detect suspicious movements even during the night. When the environment is dark, and it is difficult to see around the environment clearly, burglars will use this opportunity to sneak into your house without being detected.

If the night vision feature doesn’t function properly or if it is disabled for any reason, then it will be difficult for you to track down suspicious movements during the night and catch the burglars when they decide to perform their act around your property.

4. You Don’t Connect the Cameras with Your Devices

The importance of connecting your outdoor surveillance system with your devices goes beyond a simple convenience. Yes, it is convenient to control all your surveillance system using your smartphone or computer. But, that’s not the only thing that matters.

When you connect your outdoor cameras with your devices, you have a higher chance of spotting any suspicious movements around the house and report it to the authorities immediately. Without this integration, it would be difficult for you to notice the intruders and get help from the authorities right away. This integration makes it possible for you to catch the intruders in their act.

5. You Give Burglars the Easy Way to Disable the Surveillance System

It is good for you to keep the spending for home security within your budget, but if you go too cheaply with your security equipment spending, it might risk your home security in a big way. For instance, if you choose traditional outdoor wired security cameras over the more modern wireless version because it is cheaper for you, then burglars will be able to cut the wires of your cameras and disable the surveillance system right away.

If you place your surveillance system within the reach of those burglars, it will be easy for them to disable the cameras as well. So, be sure not to give any chance for burglars to reach any of your surveillance devices.

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