5 Possible Security Problems that You Can Have in the Front Yard

Most of the time, intruders or burglars will target a house that is easily accessible to them, with lots of shades to hide their movements, and minimal or no security system. That’s why the front yard area will be the first area that they will inspect before they decide to target a property. If the front yard area is quite accessible for them, and they can easily sneak through it and break into the entry points in that property, then they have a higher chance of success in stealing the valuable items in it.

That’s why you need to give more attention to your front yard area and make sure that it is highly secured. It should be ready to detect any intruders and suspicious activities whenever it happens. You need to know about some security vulnerabilities that you might have in your front yard as well. Here are 5 possible security problems that you can have in the front yard:

1. Blind Spots for the Security Cameras

The front yard area might be one of the widest areas in your property that gives lots of room for intruders to enter your house. The security cameras that you have installed in the front yard might not be able to reach every nook and cranny around the perimeter. So, there might be blind spots in the security cameras that you cannot monitor in this area.

This might be a security problem for your property because these blind spots might be used as the opportunity for the intruders enter your house without being detected.

2. Low Lighting During the Night

If you take care of your front yard just like the regular homeowners will do, you might put lots of plants in this area just for the sake of making it more beautiful to look at. You might also build sheds, green houses, tree houses, and so on around this area. The point is that there will be lots of shades that the burglars will use to cover themselves when they decide to perform the act of burglary in your property.

Combined with the low lighting during the night, and the blind spots for the security cameras, it will give the intruders more rooms to move from spot to spot without being detected.

3. Shades and Plants to Hide the Movements of Intruders

The shades, plants, and bushes that you have in your front yard might also be used to cover the movements of the intruders during the day. They are perfect to disguise themselves and avoid any neighbors from spotting them. This is especially true if you never trim your plants and bushes while letting them grow wildly. These things will be the perfect cover for the burglars.

Moreover, most security cameras will have trouble monitoring their activities if these plants, shades, and bushes are obstructing the views of the cameras.

4. Abandoned Yard Tools

Sometimes, you might not remember to put back the tools that you use in your front yard to its storage space. As a result, there will be ladders, saws, chains, padlocks, and so on, scattered throughout this area. This can also become a possible security problem in your front yard as these tools might be used by the intruders to gain access to your home or threaten your family members if they are still inside when the burglary takes place.

For instance, the ladders that you left in the front yard might be used by the intruders to go into the second floor and use it as their entry point to steal your valuable items.

5. No Fences Surrounding the Front Yard Area

The front yard that doesn’t have any fences installed might make it very easy for the intruders to bypass. From the front yard, they can casually go to your backyard without having to deal with any fences and gain access to your house interior through the sliding glass doors.

Having fences around your front yard can effectively enhance the security of your property because in this way, no person or vehicle can pass through the front yard except by entering the fence gate. This is especially true if you also install security fences around your front yard so that it is impossible for anyone to climb your fences and gain access to your property area that way.

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