5 Reasons to Install Security or Burglar Bars for Your Doors and Windows

When you are living in a relatively peaceful neighborhood with non-existent crime rates, you might live your daily lives without wondering about how to improve the security protection for your house. However, when you live in a neighborhood when there is a quite high rate of burglary and lack of support from the authorities, you have to consider protecting your house even more. One of the methods to do this is to install security or burglar bars for your doors and windows.

It’s a simple exterior protection made of steel, but it can help to increase the sturdiness of your doors and windows significantly. It will give you increased security and safety for your house and family members. Here are 5 reasons to install security or burglar bars for your doors and windows:

1. It Protects Your Window Glass from Burglars

If you have windows that have glass on it, you need to be aware of the security risks that it can give to your house. The window glass will be easy to break and it can give access of your house to the burglars. If the window is located near the lock, then burglars can simply break the glass in order to open the lock from the inside.

However, by installing the security bars on your windows, it won’t happen as the security bars will completely protect your windows from any breaking attempt that can be done by the intruders. It can also protect your window glass from getting broken by the burglars.

2. You Don’t Need to Worry about Forgetting to Lock the Windows

It might not be easy for you to forget to lock the doors before you go to sleep. But, it is very common for people to forget to lock their windows during the night. As a result, it can be a great opportunity for burglars to enter your house undetected. Windows that are unlocked are the best entry points for intruders, and they can use it to steal your items and get out of your house as soon as possible without leaving any trace.

With burglar bars, there will be no opportunity for intruders to enter your house through the windows. Even though you forgot to lock the windows, the bars will protect your house from intruders at night.

3. It Gives Total Protection for Your Entry Points

By installing security bars on your doors and windows, it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your entry points are totally safe from any break-in attempts. It doubles the protection system that you currently have. It gives additional locks to your entry points, which make it even harder for any intruders to break.

If you have deadbolt locks on your doors or even some advanced locking systems, you won’t need to worry about the possibility that burglars might be able to enter your house during the night or when you are leaving the house. It also means a safer place for your family members to stay in.

4. It Deters Burglars from Making Your House Their Target

Before determining the house that they will target for their next burglary, burglars will usually scout for various properties in the neighborhood just to find out which one has the least security protection. Intruders like to steal from houses with minimum or no security system at all. So, they will target the house that they can enter easily so that they can get away with their loot as quickly as possible.

When you decide to install security bars on your doors and windows, you will instantly remove your house from the list of possible target houses for burglars. The exterior security protection that it provides will make it almost impossible for them to break into your house in a short amount of time. As a result, they will not target your house for their next action.

5. It Protects Your House Even When the Security System is Down

No matter how many alarms and security cameras that you have, they won’t likely work when the whole system is down or disabled. Some skilled and experienced intruders might be able to disable your security system by cutting the power source, hacking the network, cutting down the wires connected to your security system, and so on. When this happens, your house will be completely vulnerable to break-in attempts.

However, when you have the security bars installed on your entry points, burglars will still have problems entering your house even when all the security system is disabled. This is because the burglar bars will always work to protect your house regardless of whether there is a power source or security system available.