5 Reasons Why You Need to Install Deadbolt Locks on All Your Door Exteriors

To keep your home secure from the intruders, it is important for you to guard the entry points of your residence with superior security tools. The lock mechanism that you use for your doors need to be made resistant to various possible break-in attempts that are often used by burglars and other criminals. This is because the more advanced the break-in attempts, the more advanced the security system that you need to have.

Compared to regular door locks, the deadbolt locks will provide superior security for your residence. It can help you to prevent any break-in attempts better than the traditional locking mechanism. Moreover, the deadbolt locks can secure your entry points from various advanced break-in methods.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to install deadbolt locks on all your door exteriors:

1. It Can’t Be Damaged by Force

One of the reasons deadbolt locks is better than regular locks is because it can’t be damaged by force. The lock itself is designed in such a way that it will be free from any type of brute force that is trying to damage the lock in order to gain access to your property, such as bumping, picking, drilling, sawing, and kicking.

The only way for anyone to unlock the deadbolt locks is to have the appropriate key for it. This is why this type of lock is recommended to keep your property safe and secure from any intruders.

2. It Can Protect Your Home from Advanced Break-in Methods

The better the locking mechanism technology today, the more advanced the break-in methods used by intruders to gain access to their targeted property. As the methods to break into any property have evolved in such a way that any traditional home security system is no longer enough to protect your residence, it is better for you to upgrade your locking mechanism to a better one.

The deadbolt locking mechanism has been proven to have the advanced security features that can handle even the advanced break-in methods. This is the way for you to be smarter than the intruders.

3. You Can Change the Key as Often as Needed

Another unique security feature that you get from installing the deadbolt locks on the exterior of your doors is the ability for you to change the key as often as needed. Since this type of lock is pick resistant and cannot be opened except by using the specific key for it, it will be troublesome if you give the key to someone, and then that person loses the key. It can be very dangerous for your home security if that lost key is used by uninvited people to enter your home.

This is where the change of key is needed. The deadbolt locks allow you to change the key to your doors as often as needed because it has the mechanism to do so. It allows you to alter the key that you have using an additional tool that will create a new key in just a few minutes.

4. It Can Be Installed Alongside Your Regular Door Locks

If you still prefer to have the traditional door looks installed in your home, you don’t need to remove it for the sake of using the new deadbolt lock system. It can be installed alongside the regular locks that you have, and when you do it, it will add more security to your property. The deadbolt locks will not interfere with the regular door lock mechanism, and instead, it will support the existing lock to add more security for your property.

Since the deadbolt locks are only recommended to be installed on your entry points, you can still use the regular locking mechanism for the rooms inside your house.

5. It Is Sturdy and Works on Various Types of Doors

The sturdiness and advanced security features are what make the deadbolt locks better than any traditional door locks. There are various models of this door security mechanism, including the ones that have PIN system installed within the lock.

But, more importantly, no matter what model of deadbolt locks that you choose, you can always use it in all your door exteriors because it is compatible with various types of doors no matter how thick it is.

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