5 Security Weak Points You Might Have in Your Doors and Windows

Burglars have various ways of breaking and entering into their target house. But, no matter how experienced they are, they will always use the doors and windows to enter their target property. They won’t do it in any other way. So, it is important for the intruders to find the weak security points that are available in the doors and windows of their target property.

It will always be this way. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that all possible entry points have the best security system available. Why? That’s because you don’t want any intruders to use the security weaknesses in your entry points for breaking into your house. This is especially true if you have valuable possessions stored there. So, what are the possible security weaknesses that you might have in your entry points? Here are 5 security weak points you might have in your doors and windows:

1. Flimsy and See-Through Glass Materials

Are you still using non-burglarproof glass materials for your windows? If that is the case, you might experience a big trouble later when the intruders decide to target your house and steal your valuable items. The flimsy regular glass materials are easy to break, and once it is broken, burglars can easily access the lock system and open the windows from the outside.

It is the same when you are still using the see-through glass materials in which intruders can use it to see the condition of your house interior from the outside. While scouting for the target property, they might try to see your house interior via the see-through glass in order to determine whether your house is worthy to target or not.

2. Old Security Lock System


Most people out there won’t be bothered to change the locks that are installed in their doors and windows. If this is the case, the older the house, the older the installed lock system will be. This can be dangerous for your overall house security because experienced burglars will be able to pick those locks in just under a minute before they can break into your house.

If you still have the default old security lock system installed in your entry points, this can be the potential security breach for the intruders to invade your home and steal your valuables.

3. Simple Latches that are Easy to Break

Latches are usually used in windows and sliding glass doors, and it is a very simple security system that allows you to lock the sliding glass doors and windows. But, the simplicity of it provides the worst security system for your house. This is why intruders like to find houses that have sliding glass doors installed because it usually has simple latches that can easily be overridden.

Moreover, simple latches don’t last long. It is easy to break, and in time, it might even get unusable. If you don’t have any other locking mechanism in place, these unusable latches won’t be able to lock your doors and windows securely.

4. Large Window Pane


The large window pane can also be a good place for burglars to break into your house. If it is made of regular glass, they can easily break it and use the pane to reach the lock system. Or, they can use the glass pane to get into your house if it is large enough for them to fit in.

It is always better not to have a large pane in your windows because it will be safer and it will make it more difficult for intruders to use it as an entry point. Moreover, make sure that the locking system in your windows cannot easily be reached from the pane when it is broken.

5. Light and Non-Durable Frames

The frames of your doors and windows can also determine the overall security of your entry points. If you are using light and non-durable frames that can easily be broken with a weak physical force, it won’t do you any good in protecting your house from intruders. For the entry points, always choose the frames that are heavy and sturdy. It would be good if the frames are made of strong woods.

Also, you have to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand physical forces as not to allow a forced break-in for the intruders. Otherwise, you are just inviting the burglars to come to your house and steal the valuable items that you have.

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