5 Simple Habits that Will Improve and Strengthen Your Home Security

Keeping your home secure is not only a matter of placing some security tools, such as alarms, locks, cameras, and motion detectors around your house. It’s also a matter of keeping the habits that ensure you get the best security protection at home. For instance, if you have a habit of scattering your valuable items throughout the house, it can easily attract the attention of burglars to raid your property.

So, learning how to keep yourself and your family safe at home is important before you even install any home security system. It starts from developing simple habits that ensure a better safety and protection for your property. Here are 5 simple habits that will improve and strengthen your home security:

1. Always Keep the Doors and Windows Locked

Locking your doors and windows shouldn’t be done only when you are leaving your home. In fact, you should do it all the time because it can greatly increase the security of your property and the safety of your family members. Any guests that want to visit your home can ring the doorbell.

The only exception is when you and your family members are playing at the front yard or backyard. Then, you can keep your doors and windows that are facing the front yard or backyard unlocked. In other words, you should only unlock your doors and windows when you need it and where you can keep track of them.

2. Socialize with Your Neighbors Often

One of the strategies of the intruders who want to break into your house is to ensure that your neighbors won’t disturb their operation. If they know that you have the neighbors that will scream immediately at the moment when they see some intruders trying to enter your house, they won’t target your house.

So, it is very important for you to keep a good relationship with your neighbors. Not only that it is important to get to know each other, it is also important for you to keep each other’s property safe and secure this way. Your neighbors will help to take care of your property while you are away and you will also help them to do so when they are away.

3. Always Bring the Keys with You When You Leave Home

No matter how long you will leave your home, you need to bring the keys with you. Even if you leave only for 5 minutes just to talk with your neighbors. This kind of habit is important to be maintained because intruders will rely on your negligence toward keeping your house locked. When they see an opening, no matter how small, they will break into your house and steal whatever valuable items that they can find.

Remember that you shouldn’t underestimate the swiftness of the intruders when they decide to burglar your house, nor should you think that they won’t operate in daylight. In fact, many burglaries occur during the day when the owners forgot to lock their doors and windows.

4. Store Your Valuable Items in a Safe Box After Using It

If you think that you own many valuable items, including jewelries, electronic devices, gadgets, and the like, it is better to purchase a safe box to store them after you use them. For instance, you might want to wear your jewelries in certain occasions, but once you’ve done it, you should store it in a safe box and lock it with a PIN. Don’t just store it in a regular box in your bedroom.

It’s the same with other items. The safe box can really help keep your valuable items safe and secure because intruders can’t open it unless they know the combination keys.

5. Trim the Bushes Around Your House Regularly

Believe it or not, the bushes that grow around your house can be the best spots for burglars to hide from people’s sights. This is especially true if you install some security cameras around your house perimeter. The burglars can easily hide their body in the bushes and move into your house silently without being detected.

It is a good habit to prevent the bushes from growing tall. Trimming the bushes around your house regularly can greatly increase your house security because it can help anyone to see the intruders when they are trying to break into your house. Moreover, you won’t give them any chance to hide in the bushes while they are being monitored by your security cameras.

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