5 Tips to Improve the Locking System in Your House and Make It More Secure

Many houses that don’t have any home security system have one big problem to deal with. Aside from making it a vulnerable target for the intruders by not having any means to prevent burglary or home invasion from happening, these houses usually still have the old key-lock system installed in it. Moreover, the old key-lock system is often the key-lock system that came as a default locking system for these properties.

The problem with this is that with time, the locking system will become outdated, and it will be easily accessible by the intruders. If your house still uses the default locks that are old and outdated, be aware that intruders might be able to break into your house by picking the lock in under a minute. The solution is to change the locking system completely and upgrade it from time to time in order to keep up with the latest security standards. Here are 5 tips to improve the locking system in your house and make it more secure:

1. Integrate an Alarm System in the Front and Back Door

If you want to strengthen the locking system in your doors, you need to integrate an alarm system to both your front and back door. Why? This is because many burglars will attempt to break into your house through the back door instead of the front door. Moreover, without any alarm system, they will be able to enter your house without much effort and without anyone noticing it.

The alarm system should have sensitive movement sensors that can detect suspicious activities around your doors. Even better, it should be connected with a good alarm monitoring service in your local area to enable sending the emergency notification to the authorities in the time of a break-in.

2. Replace Simple Latches with Advanced Locks for Your Windows

Another potential security problem that you might have is the latches that are used in your windows. If you never upgraded any of the locking system in your windows, chances are you are still using the old and insecure latches for it. The bad news is that these latches are easy to unlock from the outside, and it can be done by any amateur burglar out there. Moreover, the latch itself is usually not a good locking system for the windows because most of the time, it would be very difficult to lock the windows securely using the latches.

What you can do is to upgrade your window lock system with an advanced lock or at least a newer and better one. Make sure that you can securely and tightly lock your windows when you need it.

3. Use a PIN Code Instead of Keys

Going one step further in terms of your locking mechanism is always better than to stay with the old and outdated one. So, if you want to just improve the overall security of your house, you can install a smart lock system that allows you to use a PIN code as a key to the entry points. In this way, you don’t need to bring your keys every time you need to leave the house.

What you need to do is just to remember the PIN code for your locks and change your PIN code every now and then. In this way, you don’t need to worry about people stealing your keys and use it to enter your house without permission.

4. Integrate Your Lock System with Your Smart Devices

The next step is to integrate your smart phone, tablet, and computer with your lock system. This is to enable you to see the status of the locks without having to check it manually. For you to be able to do this, you need to install an advanced lock system with smart locking mechanism that allows you to digitally control your door locks. This way, you will have a more secure system that you can access from anywhere.

The advantage of this system is that you can simply lock and unlock the doors by using your smartphone, which allows you to manage all the locks in your house conveniently and comfortably.

5. Double the Locks by Installing Exterior Doors

Installing the exterior doors or storm doors can give you more security for your house because it will provide double locks for your entry points. Be sure to install the type of exterior doors that is designed for maximum security protection, not just for aesthetical purposes. With the sturdy exterior, it will make it even more difficult for burglars to break into your house forcefully.

You will also get additional locks and deadbolts that give the best locking mechanism for your entry points.

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