5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders During a House Party

Sometimes, the best opportunity for burglars to invade your house is during the time when there are so many guests that you have and you don’t really notice or care about each one of them. Yes, it is at the time of the house party. When you are hosting a house party, there will be lots of people that come to your house, and most of them you might not recognize or know about. A great deal of the guests might be friends of your friends that you don’t know well, so you basically don’t care about the people who attend to your party at the time.

This is a great opportunity for intruders to just sneak in and disguise themselves as guests for your party. And while you let your guard down almost all the time, they might sneak into some of your rooms just to steal some valuable items that you have. So, how can you keep your home safe in this particular occasion? Here are 5 tips to keep your home safe from intruders during a house party:

1. Focus Your Party in One Area that Is Constantly Monitored

Don’t let your party guests to be scattered all over the house. You need to designate one area that you will use for your house party and simply gather all the guests there. Moreover, this area should have enough monitoring cameras to ensure that whenever there are intruders, they can be caught on camera immediately. But, you need to keep the cameras concealed to make the guests feel comfortable there.

With this constant monitoring system, you will be able to track the people that you don’t know at all and see whether their movements are suspicious or not.

2. Lock All Doors to the Bedrooms and Storage Rooms During the Party

When intruders try to crash a party with an intention to steal some valuable items without you noticing about it, they will try to find those valuable items in your bedrooms and storage rooms first. Of course, they will try to sneak into those rooms with every opportunity that they can get. But, by unlocking those rooms, you will be able to stop them at their track.

The most common thing that homeowners will do when there is a house party in place is that they will let their guests, especially their friends, go to every room in the house. So, they will unlock the bedrooms and let anyone to come and go as they please on account that they trusted them. But, this opportunity will only be used by intruders to sneak in and steal your valuable items. So, be aware of this danger.

3. Put Security Cameras in Your Driveways and Guest Reception Area

The idea is that you want to track your guests whether they are invited or not. You also want to track every vehicle that comes to your house because if there were intruders, chances are they will use their vehicle to escape the scene quickly. Thus, by installing the driveway cameras, you will be able to track the plate number of each vehicle and even track down the vehicle used by the burglars later.

You need to also put security cameras in the guest reception area because you want to know each person that attends to your house party. This will also help you to recognize the faces that you are not familiar with.

4. Accept Only Guests that You Know and Recognize

To be sure that your party will be free from any intruders, you should state in your invitation that you only invite the one whose name is written in the invitation. Even though you might also want to invite mutual friends of the invited guests, they have to come with the invited guests. They must not come by themselves. Also, you should ensure that you invite only people that you know and recognize.

This is important to keep everything under control, especially in terms of security. This will minimize the chance for intruders to come to your party disguised as guests.

5. It’s a Good Idea to Hire Some Security Staff

Hiring some security staff will help you to manage the security of your property even more efficiently because you might be busy trying to mingle with the guests that have arrived in your home and hosting the party itself. The security staff will help you to monitor the surveillance system, and if you have any requests for them, they can follow your direction whenever there are some uninvited guests showing up.

The security staff will ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish while keeping everyone safe and sound.

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