5 Types of Items that Burglars Might Steal from Your Home

There are various reasons why burglars or intruders might want to break into your house whether they have a specific purpose in doing that or not. However, in most cases of burglary, the intruders would break into a property because they want to steal something. And usually, they don’t have any goal as to what items that they want to steal from a house. They just see a potential target, break into the house, and steal whatever it is that they can find. Then, they would quickly escape from the scene.

So, burglars won’t have any specific items that they would like to steal from you until they enter the house and see the items for themselves. But, what are the most common items that are being stolen by those intruders when they are doing their operation? Here are 5 types of items that burglars might steal from your home:

1. Household Electronics

Electronic devices that are commonly available in a household might be the primary target for burglars because the homeowner will usually leave them at their place all the time. Things like television, gaming console, desktop computer, laptop, air conditioner, and the like, are among many primary targets for burglars once they’ve successfully broken into your house.

These are the type of electronic products that you can easily find in the living room without having to open the drawer or searching them in hidden places. So, they will simply grab these devices at first sight before looking for anything else.

2. High-End Gadgets

These are the devices that you usually use and carry around most of the time. Things like smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and other things that are recently released by the tech companies are ripe targets for burglars to grab. They can just grab 5 of them in one sweep and even carry them in their pocket. Then, they can sell it for a high price once they’ve successfully escaped the scene later.

These are the devices that are usually the latest craze in the tech industry and would cost hundreds to thousands of dollars each.

3. Cash

Many times, people would put their cash in the drawer or let it lying around where they can grab it quickly later. It can be hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. But, many homeowners will usually store their cash in places that are easy to reach, and for the burglars, easy to find. While burglars might not specifically look for your stash of cash while they are breaking into your house, they will grab it in a heartbeat when they found it.

So, this is the type of items that can be considered as a lucky jackpot for the burglars because they might or might not find this item lying around during their operation. But, once they found it, they will not be hesitant to grab it.

4. Jewelries

Most people, especially women, would have some jewelries stored somewhere within the bedroom. What burglars need to do to find it is simple. They just need to find some drawers where these jewelries are commonly stored. Usually, it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to find it after searching every corner of the room. And since many people don’t use any type of safety box to store this type of items, it would be easy for them to lose all their jewelries in a single act of burglary.

It is the same for men. Men usually store jewelries in the form of expensive watches, which are also easy to find for the burglars because these items are usually stored in a simple drawer or even displayed in their room.

5. Important Documents

The one thing that burglars won’t hesitate to steal after they find it is the important documents. If you store your important documents in your room and they are found by burglars, they might decide to steal it right away because it is very easy to carry and it might have a high value once they figure out how to use it. This includes your identity information because it might be used for them to fake their identity in various online activities.

This often happens when they are breaking into your home office because this is usually the place where they can find various expensive devices that they can sell in high prices later, as well as various important documents lying around for grab.

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