5 Ways Intruders Might Try to Disable Your Home Security System

For some burglars, intruders, or bad people who have lots of experiences in breaking and entering and other similar crimes, dealing with home security systems is probably something that they need to do often. That’s why for these experienced intruders, they won’t stop performing their burglary or theft just because the homeowner has installed some alarms and motion detector. In fact, these people have their own ways of circumventing with such security measures.

This is especially true if your property is quite big with lots of valuable items, thus it will more likely become a target of more experienced intruders instead of some amateur or petty burglars. They will do various things just to try to get around your home monitoring system and break into your property without causing any ruckus. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of their schemes. Here are 5 ways intruders might try to disable your home security system:

1. Hacking into Your Home Network

If you are using wireless security system, the main communication line used by this system is your network connection. As long as there is a stable and reliable network connection, these wireless security tools will work without any problem. But, once there is a disturbance in the network connection, the equipment might start having problems transmitting data. For example, your IP cameras may no longer transmit video feed data smoothly when the network connection is disturbed in any way.

So, the first thing that intruders will try to disable your home monitoring system is by hacking your home network. By hacking your home network, they can either disturb the network connection or access the security tools remotely and disable them. This is why it is recommended for you to have a backup network connection in case there is something wrong with the primary network and you have to ensure that your network connection is always encrypted.

2. Cutting the Wires of Your Security Equipment

When you use the older and more traditional home monitoring tools, you might still use some CCTV cameras and the old alarm system that use lots of wires in their installation. While there is nothing wrong if you are using the traditional home monitoring equipment, it might be easier for the intruders to disable these devices simply by cutting the wires.

This is especially true if you don’t manage the wires from the security equipment properly. You should at least make sure that the wires are unreachable for the intruders, and if possible, you can hide them behind the walls.

3. Cutting off the Power Source

Most security tools that are being sold in the market today still use your home power source as its primary power, which means that these tools still use the house’s electricity to power up the devices. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. But, in the case of the power outage, these devices will often stop working until you turn the power back on. This is because there are still many security products that don’t include any backup power source for emergency operations.

By cutting off the power source to your house, the intruders can automatically disable most security tools that are installed there. So, it is always recommended for you to have a backup power source in your house and place the power source or electricity breaker inside the house, not outside.

4. Jamming the Security Signals

When you use security devices like home alarm system and motion detectors, it transmits the data from one device to another via unique signals. These signals are also used by these devices to transmit security information to the home security company. When there is a security breach, for instance, these devices transmit signals to the company to let them know that there is a security breach.

However, smart intruders can easily jam these signals to prevent the alarm system and other tools from reaching the security company, which effectively renders them useless for the time being.

5. Destroying Your Security Equipment

Last but not least, when intruders are desperate to turn off the security system inside your house, they will destroy the equipment completely. Of course, the intruders will calculate whether the sound of breaking the equipment will alert the neighbors. If they think that it is safe to do so, they will do so just to keep everything simple for them to get the job done.

This is why it is important for you to hide your security equipment, such as security cameras, in places where intruders can’t reach them. In this way, they will keep on being monitored and they don’t have any chance to destroy the equipment.

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