5 Ways Storm Doors Can Enhance Your Home Security System

Storm doors are the doors that you can install on the outside of the existing doors, which have the main function to protect your house from storms and bad weathers. When you install it in your house, you will have two doors installed in one entry point, and usually, the storm doors are made from glass because in this way, you can just open the interior door during a storm or bad weather to see what’s outside without having to allow the outside air from entering your house.

So, how can it help you enhance the overall home security system? Here are 5 ways storm doors can enhance your home security system:

1. Burglars Will Need to Deal with Two Doors Before They Can Break into Your House

With the function of storm doors as the exterior to your main entry points, burglars will have a hard time trying to break two doors before they can enter the interior of your house. As if breaking one door is not hard enough, they need to put more effort into finding ways to force their way through two doors with various methods. This is especially true if you have deadbolt locks in the main door which will make it even harder and impossible for them to break through your house in a short time.

The sturdiness of the exterior storm doors will prove to be useful to enhance the overall home security system that you have.

2. The Alarm System Can be Triggered Even Before the Intruders Reach the Main Door

While they are busy trying to break the storm doors, they will trigger the alarm system before they can even finish doing it. The alarm system will send notifications to your smart devices, and they will also request a backup from the central station so that the authorities can come to your place as soon as possible. Moreover, it is highly probable that their frustrated faces will be recorded by your security cameras as well.

So, this exterior storm door can be used for an additional defense line for your property, making sure that any burglars cannot break through it before they trigger the security system that you have.

3. It Is Safer for Your Family Members During Emergency Events

The main function of this type of door is to protect your property from storms and bad weathers. So, when things go worse in the environment, you can rely on this door to prevent heavy damage to your property and keep your family members safe and comfortable.

It is also the same in the time of home invasion. Your family members should be able to sleep soundly when the burglars are trying to break into your house through the hardened entry points. It can really be helpful to protect your family members from life-threatening events.

4. Double Locks Mean Harder Entry for the Intruders

If you already have some deadbolt locks and smart locks installed on the entry points in your house, the storm doors will also come with their own locks. And, best of all, their locks are sturdy, even sturdier than the regular locks. So, it will give the intruders another time to scratch their heads because they will need to deal with double locks that might be impossible to break during the 5-10 minutes timeframe.

Since most burglaries happen in just 5-10 minutes timeframe, you can be sure that intruders cannot enter your house and steal your valuable items quick enough when they need to deal with the double locks that you have in your entry points.

5. The Strong Frame Might Deter Burglars from Entering Your House

Since the storm doors are designed to withstand storms and bad weathers, they need to have a very strong frame to protect your house or property from damages. And yes, in some places, especially in the US, storms can be very strong, and you need real strong materials to withstand such an attack from nature. So, because the storm doors will have a very strong frame, it will be too sturdy to be broken by force.

Because of the strong frame and the sturdiness of the entry points that your property has, it might deter and discourage burglars from entering your property using force. It will be even more so if you have enough security equipment installed throughout the perimeter, which can detect any of their suspicious activities in seconds.