5 Ways to Protect Your Home Office from Uninvited Guests

Many houses have the home office built in to make it easier for the homeowners to work from home. It is usually a separated area from the main living room, or it can simply be a room large enough for you to do some office work there. The home office provides a convenience and easy access to all your important work files. Because of this, you have to protect it with the best security system to ensure that no one can get access to these important files without your permission.

Keeping your home office secure is important to give yourself a peace of mind in knowing that all your important files and valuables related to your business is always protected. It is not uncommon for burglars or intruders to target the home office area because they might think that this area will have more valuable items to steal. Here are 5 ways to protect your home office from uninvited guests:

1. Install Adequate Security Cameras Outside the Home Office Area

In order to prevent any intruders from entering your home office without your permission, you need to place a number of security cameras outside of the home office area. The number of devices that you need to put there will vary depending on the layout of your home office. However, what is clear is that you need to cover every part of the perimeter. You should also equip your security cameras with night vision mode so that you can monitor the condition of your home office area during the night.

Various sensors also need to be installed alongside the security cameras to ensure that any suspicious activities around your home office can be detected immediately. It is also better to place some security tools hidden from people’s sight.

2. Prepare a Safe Box to Store Important Items

When you are working with important business projects in your home office, it is natural for you to have various important files, documents, and valuable items stored there. However, it is also the one thing that makes burglars want to break into your home office.

This is why it is important for you to always use a safe box to store all the valuable items that you have there. Items such as important documents, files, cash, business-related items, expensive stuff, and so on, should be stored within the safe box, which is protected by a PIN code or password.

3. Use an Advanced Lock System for the Main Door

Make sure that you can only enter the home office via one entry point, which is the main door. In this way, you can really focus on protecting this entry point from any possible break-ins. To prevent any intruders from breaking into your home office uninvited, you need to place an advanced lock system for the main door. If possible, use a smart key lock that allows you to lock and unlock the door using your smart device or password.

With the advanced lock system, you will be able to ensure that you are the only person that can enter this room. Even your children or family members will not be able to enter the room without knowing about the password for the entry point.

4. Use an Integrated Wireless Security System

Rather than installing a traditional wired security system, it is better to go full wireless for your home office security. This is because a full wireless system will allow you to monitor the security of this area from anywhere. Whether you are in the living room or having a vacation, you can always check the security status of the home office area via your smartphone.

Moreover, the wireless security system can perfectly be integrated with your devices so that you can control the settings without having to do it manually for each device. You can simply open the app for it and you can control the preferences anytime you want.

5. Use Physical Locks for Your Laptop and Computer

There are many burglars that are trying to steal laptops or computers in their target houses because these items are usually high in value and can be sold for a relatively high price. If you are working for home, chances are you might be using a high-end laptop or computer to do the job smoothly, which might cost a lot of money to buy.

So, to protect your laptop and computer from getting stolen by burglars, it is better to invest on a physical lock for it, so that it can’t be moved unless you have the key for it. It will also protect all the important files and documents that you store in it.

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