7 Basic Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

You cannot be careless when it comes to your home security. The more you think that home security is not important, or that your neighborhood is safe enough, the more burglars and intruders are attracted to your home. You should take as many preventive measures as necessary if you want to keep your home safe from uninvited people. This is why you have to apply some basic home security tips in order to protect your home from possible threats 24/7. Here are 7 basic home security tips every homeowner needs to know:

1. Keep Your Plans Private

Nowadays, people love to announce their plans, especially vacation plans, on social media. This will invariably result in other people knowing their location on any given day. Since burglars and bad people have the same access to your social media pages as any of your friends, they will know whether you are home today, or whether you will go on a vacation for a few weeks. This is why you should keep your plans private for yourself, and only tell your vacation plans directly to the people you trust. Don’t let other people know when or where you are at any given time on social media.

2. Invest On Burglarproof Windows And Doors

Probably 90% of burglars will enter your home either through your doors or windows. So, it is very important for you to keep these potential burglar entry points safe and burglarproof. With current technology, it is possible for you to upgrade your windows and doors so that it is burglarproof. Basically, you will change the materials of the windows and doors so that it will lock tightly, with strong glasses that are very difficult for burglars to tamper with. It is a one-time investment that will save your valuable items and property for a long time to come.

3. Lock Each Door And Window

Every night or whenever you are going out of your home, be vigilant of your doors and windows. Make sure that they are locked tightly, so that your home is completely safe. You have to check each door and window, and make sure that there is not a single opening for any intruder. Only open your windows whenever necessary, even during the day. Don’t just open every window in your home every morning, as it will be troublesome to close it up again in the night. Also, when you close your windows, don’t just close it. You need to lock it.

4. Have Some Trusted Neighbors To Monitor Your Home

When you are going out, make sure that you tell your trusted neighbors that you are going out, and ask them to monitor your home while you’re gone. You can also ask them to park their cars in your home to give the impression that there are people inside the home. Give your home keys to your trusted neighbors and don’t put your keys in obvious places such as below the doormat. Ask your neighbors to alert you whenever there is any suspicious person looking at your home.

5. Invest In Automatic Lights

Burglars and intruders will usually try to find the best moment to break into your home. If the intruders know that you are not home by observing the lights in your home, then they will know that it is the perfect moment for them to steal something from you. So, investing on automatic lights is important because you can easily set the lights to turn on and turn off at any specific time. In this way, intruders will think that you are at home, and thus, it might deter them from entering your home.

6. Install A Good Burglar Alarm System For Your Home

A good burglar alarm system is an affordable way for you to prevent burglaries in your home, and it improves the overall security of your home. It is better for you to install a good burglar alarm system in your home, especially at specific spots where burglars and intruders may enter. Then, make the alarm system obvious for everyone. For instance, you can put the sign of the alarm company in front of your home to intimidate the bad people and make them leave your home immediately.

7. Store Your Valuable Items In A Safe Storage

If you have many valuable items in your home, be sure not to keep it lying around. Store it in a safe storage, so that bad people don’t have any access to it. You can put them in a special room, or you can use a safe deposit box to store all your valuable items. By doing this, even when burglars can enter your house, they can’t easily steal your valuable items since it is stored in a safe deposit box. Even better, you can protect your valuable items by installing a special home security system that offers this type of features.

Those are the 7 basic home security tips every homeowner needs to know. Prevention is always better than cure, and in the case of home security, it is better to prevent your home from burglaries rather than adding the security system only after you’ve been burglarized. Follow these tips to start protecting your home from now.

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