7 Potential Security Weaknesses that Might be Used by Intruders to Break into Your Home

The less security vulnerabilities that exist in your home, the less chance that your home will become a target for the intruders. Remember that burglars and other bad people will always look for the weaknesses in your home security before performing their act of burglary or thievery. This is especially true if you are currently not at home.

If your home is left without any security measures, it might become an easy prey for the burglars to break into it. That’s why you need to be aware not to allow any security vulnerabilities exist in your property. Here are 7 potential security weaknesses that might be used by intruders to break into your home:

1. Bad Network Connection

A bad network connection can render most of your wireless security tools useless as they are operating mostly through the wireless signal. It is also usually a strategy for experienced burglars to turn off the wireless connection first if they know that their target property has some wireless security equipment. So, it is very important for you to keep your wireless connection stable and secure.

2. Bad Wire Management

If you are still using wired security equipment, you need to ensure that you can manage the wires properly and keep them hidden. Again, it can be a weakness in your home security because experienced intruders can simply cut off the wires from your security equipment in order to disable your home monitoring system. It is always better to keep the wires of your security tools out of reach for these intruders.

3. Using Traditional Locks on Entry Points

Entry points such as your home’s front door, back door, and entrances are the points that are used by the intruders to enter your house and perform their act of burglary and thievery. Using traditional locks on these entry points will pose a weakness for your home security simply because traditional locks are too vulnerable against various breaking and entering techniques, such as lock picking, sawing, kicking, and so on. Using deadbolt locks is better to keep the entry points secure from any advanced breaking and entering methods.

4. Not Protecting Your Doors and Windows from Burglars

If you really want to protect your property from any breaking-and-entering attempts, you have to ensure that your windows and doors are locked tight. Make sure that your windows, doors, and glasses are burglar proof. Install additional security tools like the alarm system or motion detectors near your doors and windows to minimize the chance for the intruders to enter your house without permission. If you fail to do this, it will give your property another potential security weakness.

5. Hiding Keys in Common Places

Do you leave your house empty on a regular basis? For instance, if you are working in the morning until evening and you leave your house without anyone attending to it, you might be tempted to hide the keys in various places around the house. You might hide it in the flower pot nearby, under the doormat, on the door’s ventilation, and so on. If you do that, any intruders can easily find your keys and enter your house without having to break your door. It is better to carry your keys with you always wherever you go.

6. Disarmed Alarm Security System

One of the most common problems of alarm security is that it often gives false alarms that can be annoying for you or your neighbors. Thus, you might choose to disarm your alarm security system while you stay at home since you know that there will be no danger at all. If you do this, you will end up giving the intruders an easy pass to your house. So, it is better for you to always turn on the alarm security system whether you are staying at home or not.

7. No Safe Box for Your Valuable Items

Most of the home intruders in the US area are burglars who are trying to steal valuable items from the home owners. Once they break into the target property, they will grab any valuable items that they can find, whether it is laptops, jewelry, smartphones, electronic devices, and so on. So, by keeping your valuable items scattered across your house, you are inviting the intruders to come and get it. It is always better to have a safe box to store all the valuable items that you have so that the intruders can’t do anything to steal it from you.

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