7 Steps You Can Follow to Prevent Fire Incidents from Happening in Your Home

Fire incidents can happen because of various things. Among the possible causes, such as wildfire, natural disasters, electrical problems, and many other causes, the most common one is caused by the carelessness of the residents. When it is small, you can always turn it off using fire extinguishers. But, if the fire is getting big and uncontrollable, it can be dangerous for your property and family members. Here are 7 steps you can follow to prevent fire incidents from happening in your home:

1. Make Sure that the Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Work

Installing smoke detectors and fire alarm is sometimes not enough since you need to ensure whether these devices are working properly. It is important to check these devices regularly, at least once per month, in order to make sure that the equipment can still detect smoke and fire properly. This is because in time of emergency, it would be bad if the smoke detectors and fire alarm don’t work as intended.

2. Turn Off Your Stove After Cooking

Cooking in the kitchen can be really fun. However, when you cook something, you might forget to turn off the stove because you are too excited with the food that you just made. This is also true when you are cooking the food together with your family members, such as teenagers and older family members. They might forget to turn off the stove after cooking. Many fire incidents are caused by this small carelessness, and you need to ensure that it doesn’t happen in your house.

3. Make Sure There is No Gas Leakage

The gas leakage can be really dangerous if it happens in your house. In the time of gas leakage, it will instantly burn when you light a fire. Gas leakage often happens in the kitchen area, and the owner might not realize it until the leakage is filling up the room. There are various brands of gas leak detectors that you can buy in the market today, and they are often included in a home security system. You should install these gas leakage detectors mainly in your kitchen.

4. Don’t Smoke Inside the House

Smoking inside the house, while it might sound harmless, can cause fires if you don’t know your place. Smoking in the area such as the kitchen or where there are many electrical appliances can be dangerous. Smoking inside the house where there are many burnable materials can also be dangerous. So, it is better for you to smoke outdoor or away from home.

5. Keep Electrical Appliances Working Properly

Short-circuited electrical appliances can also be the cause of a fire incident in your house. There are even many big buildings that burned down because of short-circuits. So, it is very important to make sure that your electrical system is working properly. Don’t operate high-voltage electrical appliances unless you know how to control it and how to stay safe in doing it. Even a small short-circuit can trigger fire that can spread throughout the house.

6. Avoid Using Candles at Night

If you like to use candles at night, be wary that it might cause fire in your house later. To ensure that it is safe for you to use candles at night, you need to place your candles around things that can’t easily be burned, such as plates, bowl, and others. This is because if you light the candles at night and forgot to turn it off later as you are going to sleep, it can be problematic if you place it near wooden tables, papers, and all burnable materials.

7. Keep Fire Extinguishers Ready Nearby

The fire extinguishers can be your protector when it comes to actual fire, as long as you keep it ready nearby and know how to use it. It is better to place it in every room in your house just to make sure that you can reach it when you need it later. It can help turn off the fires very quickly and avoid your house from getting burned completely.

Those are the steps that you can follow to prevent fire incidents from happening in your house. Remember that prevention is always better than having to actually deal with the incident itself, so these steps can help minimize the chance for the fire incidents from happening.

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