7 Things Not to Do When It Comes to Home Security

The point of installing any home security equipment in your property is to maximize its protection, prevent any damages caused by intruders or unfortunate incidents, and ensure that you can monitor and record any intruder’s activity in your house. By installing a home security system, it will also become easier for you to call for help or backup when you need it the most, such as when your house is getting raided by burglars. The help will come immediately, usually within minutes to ensure the safety of your family members.

However, there are some things that you shouldn’t do when you decide to use any type of home security system. Here are 7 things not to do when it comes to home security:

1. Using Outdated Hardware and Software

To get the maximum protection for your property, it is necessary for you to upgrade your security system now and then, meaning that you can’t use the security technology from the 90s in today’s landscape. Burglars and other criminals have become more advanced by now, and they can easily turn off outdated security equipment with a few tricks up their sleeves. Also, you should ensure that the equipment you’ve installed can work well with your smart devices because it will give you more control and convenience.

2. Placing Your Security Equipment Randomly

Let’s say that you have bought 5 security cameras today. It’s time for you to install it and put it to good use. What you need to do is to plan the areas that need to be monitored by these cameras 24/7, and you need to ensure that intruders cannot reach it so that they can’t just turn off the surveillance cameras later. Placing your equipment randomly will only make it possible for burglars to damage it and render it useless when you need it.

3. Not Keeping Your Security Keys Properly

If you are installing a new door lock system, be sure to bring the keys to your doors whenever you go. Or, at least, you need to keep them in a safe place where you can reach them easily later. Placing your security keys in places that can easily be spotted, such as under the doormat, in the flower pots near the doors, and any other easy-to-spot places will only make it possible for intruders to enter your house without triggering your alarm system.

4. Letting Other People Access the Security Control Panel

If you tell your friends or family members that you have installed a home security system, they might think that it is cool for you to do it. They might want to play with it and asking you to dabble with the control panels to find out how they work. If you do this, you will put your own security at risk because they might be able to change your settings or preferences without you knowing about it. In so doing, the equipment might not work as you intend it to be in the time of emergency.

5. Using Low Quality Security Products

Like with any market, you might find various types of products that promise you protection and safety for your home and family members. The security market itself might be full of low-quality products that offer the “best” security at the cheapest price. If you succumb into the temptation, you might end up buying low quality products that don’t offer the features as robust as the products that come from real well-known brands. In so doing, you will end up putting your property at risk of security breach later.

6. Not Covering All House Areas

Your security equipment should be able to cover all house areas as to not leaving any chances for the intruders to enter your property without being detected. For instance, if you cover only the front yard or living room area, while leaving the backyard, garage, and other areas without any protection at all, it will be used by burglars and other bad people as the entry points in their operation. So, leave at least one equipment in each area in your house, especially the areas that can be used as entry points for the intruders.

7. Not Checking Your Security System Regularly

Your security system might fail to work sometimes, and if you are in a pinch while the equipment is not working properly, it can be a big problem for your safety. You should inspect your security tools regularly and make sure that they are working properly. It’s very important. Make sure that your surveillance cameras can record videos properly. Make sure that the motion sensors can detect any suspicious activities. Make sure that the alarm system works as it is intended to be.

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