7 Things to Teach Your Family Members about Home Security and Safety

When you are living with your family members, their security and safety should be your first priority, especially when it comes to protection against intruders or burglars. This is becoming more important if there are little children, teenagers, and senior family members living together with you. You need to teach them how to keep them safe at home, and how they can deal with home invasion or prevent burglaries from happening. Here are 7 things to teach your family members about home security and safety:

1. Remind Them to Turn on the Alarm Every Night

Most people will turn off and disable their alarm when they stay at home during the day since they don’t want to trigger some false alarms during their daily activities. They will usually turn their alarm on at night when they are about to sleep. However, the problem is that there are still many cases of burglaries that didn’t get resolved due to the homeowners forgot to enable the alarm system. So, the burglars can just enter their house without triggering any sound at all.

You need to keep reminding your family members to turn on the alarm every night. If possible, you can make it a routine for them to enable the alarm at a certain time every day.

2. Teach Them to Lock All Doors and Windows All the Time

With the amount of burglaries that keep arising every year, it is important for homeowners to keep their doors and windows locked all the time, whether they are staying outside or leaving their house. Little kids will usually forget to lock all the windows and doors while they are occupied with their activities.

This is the reason that you should teach your family members to keep the doors and windows locked, especially when you are away. It will keep them safe inside the house.

3. Provide an Escape Plan in Case of Emergency

If there were some burglars or intruders entering the house while your family members are still inside, it will be very dangerous for their personal safety. Thus, you have to teach your family members to get out of the house undetected through the escape plan route that you have prepared for them.

This is not only helpful in the time when burglaries take place in your house, but it will also be helpful in the time of fire incidents, floods, and natural disasters as well.

4. Ask Senior Family Members to Keep Their Emergency Pendant

When you are taking care of some senior family members inside the house, you need to be aware that they might need some urgent medical help anytime. That is why you need to equip them with the personal emergency response system, and you need to keep reminding them that they need to keep their emergency response system handy.

If possible, ask the security company to provide a pendant version for the emergency response system so that your senior family members can wear it all the time and not lose it easily.

5. Teach the Children Not to Open the Door for Strangers

Having the regular 9-5 job will require you to leave your house every morning and come back to it in the evening. The problem with this is that if you have some small children living in the house, you need to leave them for at least 10 hours every day. If you don’t give them some knowledge about home security and safety, they might be vulnerable to potential threats.

The most basic advice that you can teach to your children is not to open the door for strangers. If they think that they don’t know the person, they shouldn’t open the door and remain inside.

6. Turning Off Electrical Appliances After Use

The misuse of electrical appliances can be dangerous for your family members as well as your property. Your property can get burned down just because of misusing some electrical appliances if you are not careful. Moreover, the life of your family members might be at risk when they do so.

So, with any electrical appliances, always insist that your family members must turn them off after use to prevent any unpleasant circumstances.

7. Teach Them Not to Panic in Emergency Situations

In order to keep their safety during emergency situations, such as when burglars are entering their house, they have to keep quiet. Screaming or panicking will startle the intruders and then they might threaten the life of your family members in return.

In emergency situations, you have to teach your children to keep their calm and not panic. Instead, let them know that it is important for them to escape the place quietly as soon as possible.

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