7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Car Burglaries at Home

Car burglaries can happen anywhere there is an opportunity for the burglars to get into your car. This most often happens when you park your vehicle in an unknown place or bad neighborhood. However, there are also many cases where burglars might perform the car burglary when your vehicle is parked in front of your house.

Again, when there is an opportunity for them to do it, they will do it. Remember that they will do it very quickly. So, how can you prevent it from happening? Here are 7 things you can do to prevent car burglaries at home:

1. Park Your Car Inside the Garage and Lock the Garage

When you park the vehicle at home, make sure to park it inside the garage. Then, you need to lock the garage with a deadbolt lock in order to prevent any intruders from accessing this area. You can add more security to your garage, such as placing IP cameras inside and outside the garage and use a remote-control app to close and open the garage door.

2. Keep the Car Key with You in Case of Emergency

When leaving your car, always bring the key with you. Never put the key on the vehicle door as it might give the chance for burglars to access your vehicle and steal it. No matter how quick you need to leave your vehicle, be sure to always bring the key with you. Also, there is an emergency button on the key that you can push in the time of emergency, activating the default alarm in the car that can scare the burglars away.

3. Park Your Car in a Place where Many People Can See It

When you park the car, don’t hide it so that nobody can see it, except if you park it inside the garage. If you park the vehicle outdoor, choose a spot where many people can see it. This way of parking the vehicle will prevent almost all burglary attempts on it because the burglars won’t want to take a risk of being caught on the spot when they are performing their action.

4. Lock All Your Car Doors and Windows When You Leave It

Before leaving your car, don’t forget to lock all the vehicle doors and windows. This is especially important if you have a convertible car that allows you to open the roof of the vehicle. Be sure to close it and lock it before leaving. Check all the vehicle doors and windows before you actually leaving it in case you might miss locking one or two doors on the vehicle.

5. Never Store Valuable Items in Your Vehicle

Valuable items like smartphones, jewelries, watches, money, expensive bags, and so on need to be taken inside your home when you leave the car. Don’t store these valuable items inside the vehicle since it will give the burglars the motivation to break into it. This is also true when you go shopping. Make sure not to leave your shopping bags inside the vehicle. Always bring your valuable items with you into the house and lock the house doors immediately.

6. Make Sure the Security Camera Covers the Views of Your Vehicle

If you have security cameras installed in outdoor areas of your house and you are parking your vehicle in the same area, be sure to check the camera footage before leaving your car. The camera footage needs to cover the views of your car so that you can keep your eyes on it whenever you want. It’s the same when you park the vehicle in the garage. The security cameras within the garage needs to be able to cover the views of the vehicle.

7. Install a Car Alarm System and Wheel Lock

It is important not to rely only to the default security system as provided by the vehicle manufacturer. You need to install some additional security tools in order to improve the security and safety of your car and prevent any attempts of burglary. By installing a car alarm system, you will be able to ward off burglars right away when they are trying to break into your vehicle forcefully. Also, a wheel lock is necessary to prevent anyone from stealing your car because they won’t be able to operate the vehicle when this lock is active.

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