7 Ways to Keep Your Home from Being Targeted by Intruders and Bad People

When burglars, intruders, and other bad people decided to act, they will pick their target first. Not all houses will become the target for these intruders. Instead, they only target specific houses with specific characteristics in order to be able to get the most out of their act of burglary and theft. For instance, most burglars and intruders will target houses that are vacant for a long time. They will not target the properties that have heavy security on it because it can be risky for them to break into such properties.

So, how can you avoid your home from being targeted by these bad people? Here are 7 ways to keep your home from being targeted by intruders and bad people:

1. Keep a Good Communication with Your Neighbors

Your neighbors can be your best friends when it comes to keeping your property secure from burglars and other intruders. Keeping your communications well with your neighbors can help them to take care of your house while you are away. They will help them to look for your property when you need them, and of course, if you have a good communication with your neighbors, intruders won’t likely target your home because the risk of getting caught is higher than when they target houses that are empty and completely disconnected from their neighbors.

2. Put Security Cameras Indoor and Outdoor

Security cameras need to be placed both indoor and outdoor, not just in the outdoor areas. This is because when intruders are trying to break into your house, they will see whether you have any CCTV installed around the outdoor perimeters. If there is no indoor cameras and the burglars can successfully bypass the outdoor surveillance system, then you can’t do anything when they perform the act of burglary. Moreover, it is important to keep your CCTV/IP cameras hidden.

3. Have Motion Detectors (with Light Sensors) and Alarm System Ready

Motion detectors can be really helpful when it comes to keeping the intruders away from your property. This is especially true if the motion detectors have the light sensors that will automatically turn on the lights whenever there is a suspicious movement around. It can be a good deterrent to repel the intruders away. Combined with a good alarm system, it will be a perfect way to keep the burglars away or at least drive them away when they are trying to enter your house. The loud alarm can scare them off easily.

4. Don’t Show Your Expensive Things

Make sure that your expensive things are not apparent from the streets because burglars will try to scout for houses that have some valuables to steal. Don’t park your cars outside of your house and always put them in the garage. Don’t show your expensive things like jewelry and expensive electronics so that anyone can see it from the street. You should keep your house look simple and not attractive for the intruders.

5. Keep Your Security System Hidden

Why hide your security system? It is to keep the intruders unaware that they are being watched. It is to startle them when the alarm suddenly turned on while they didn’t realize it before that there was an alarm installed in your home. It is to let the authorities caught them in the act as quickly as possible. By keeping your security system hidden, they will perform the act of robbery or breaking and entering without trying to damage the security equipment first. And best of all, all their actions are constantly monitored.

6. Guard Your House with a Dog

Putting a dog in front of the house can be a good way to keep your house safe and secure from intruders. This is because a dog can instantly bark at suspicious people that they see. Better still, they can bite them and stop the intruders in their act. However, it is always better to keep a small dog that can bark at suspicious people as a deterrent for these intruders. Intruders will not target a house that has dogs that can potentially attract attention from the neighbors when they try to break into it.

7. Learn from Your Neighborhood

Generally, burglars and other bad people won’t target a property that is located in a safe and secure neighborhood. If your neighborhood has its own security system, staff, and good people that keep the place safe and secure, then your house won’t likely be a target for the intruders. But, you still need to learn from your neighborhood regarding the security systems that are mostly used by your neighbors. Be sure to keep following the best security practices as suggested or used by your neighbors.

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