How To Avoid Any Device Interference In Your Wireless Security System

The problem with the wireless security system is that it relies almost completely on wireless signals. In other words, when you install this type of security system, you will need to have a strong wireless signal in order for the security system to work properly. Without a good network signal, the home security system might collapse, and in so doing, it will be very risky for the security of your home. Moreover, the wireless signal is prone to device interference, which can effectively disturb the operation of the wireless security devices.

For instance, if you have the wireless surveillance cameras set up in your home and constantly streaming video footage of various areas in your home, the device interference can cause the footage to be distorted, or it can cut the footage stream completely. This is the weakness that many experienced intruders will exploit to disable your home security system. Here are some tips to avoid any device interference in your wireless security system:

1. Locate Your Wireless Security Devices Far Away From Other Wireless Devices

This is the common problem with wireless interference. When there are too many wireless devices in a room, then the wireless signal will get interfered, and all the devices will be affected. So, if you have some wireless devices that are active in one room, be sure to put it away from the wireless security devices that you have. If possible, you should locate your wireless security devices at least 3 meters away from the other wireless devices in the same room. Put your wireless cameras higher, if possible, to reduce the effect of the possible interference.

2. Don’t Put Too Many Wireless Cameras At Home

Since each wireless camera communicates wirelessly with the other cameras, as well as with the control center, it is wise to keep the number of wireless cameras no more than four in your home. If you have a medium-sized home, four cameras should be enough to monitor your important areas. This is because when too many wireless cameras are communicating at the same time with the control center or access point, it will cause those cameras to interfere the operations of other cameras. In the end, you will only disturb the signal, not making it stronger or clearer.

3. Put Different Signal Range For Your Wireless Security System

Don’t use the same signal as you use for your wireless security system with the signal that you use for other wireless devices, such as smartphones, computers, smart TVs, and so on. It is better if you use a separate signal band for your wireless cameras, so that it will not interfere with other devices. If you use the same signal as the other devices, you will most likely create a conflict in the network connection. But, when you separate the signal between your wireless security and other wireless devices, this type of problem will not happen.

4. Use A Dual Band Router To Avoid Signal Conflict

In order to make it easy for you to separate the signals between the wireless security devices and other wireless devices, you can use a dual band router to do this. If your ISP doesn’t provide you with the dual band router, you can ask your ISP to provide one for you, so that you can use different signal band for different types of wireless devices. Your ISP will likely be willing to work on to change your router or change your service plan to meet your needs. It is always better to stay in constant communication with your ISP, since your wireless equipment operation will depend on the quality of your ISP.

5. Put The Control Center In The Central Area Of Your House

Make sure that the control center is put in the central area of your house. The control center is the device that is used as the central communication for your wireless security devices or cameras. This device transmits signals to your wireless devices, so that it can stream footage or do various other things. If you put the control center too far away from the wireless security devices, signal interference is likely to happen. So, you have to put the control center in the central area of your home, so that the signal transmission for this device can reach all of your security devices more easily.

Those are the tips to avoid any device interference in your wireless security system. When there is interference in the wireless signal, the operation of the wireless cameras and other wireless security devices will be disturbed, and thus, they might not have their optimum performance. That’s why it is important for you to take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening.

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