How to Burglar-Proof Your Doors – 5 Effective Door Security Tips

When it comes to dealing with intruders, you must not underestimate their skills of breaking and entering. Intruders, especially experienced burglars, have many ways to enter their target property forcefully. If they find that the door is locked, they will use any means necessary to unlock it forcefully, such as by kicking it, using a pick lock, sawing it, and disabling the alarm security. Unfortunately, most doors that use traditional locking system will be vulnerable to their methods of breaking and entering.

If you really want to protect your house from intruders such as burglars and thieves, you need to focus the protection first on the doors and windows. But, the doors take a priority because it is a likely place that will be used as entry points for burglars to break into your house. In order to give the best protection for your property and valuable items, it is recommended to burglar-proof your doors. Here are 5 effective door security tips that you can follow:

1. Don’t Place Glass Windows Near Your Doors

What will happen when you place glass windows near your doors? Most likely, the intruders will try to unlock the locked doors by breaking the glass windows. This can be bad because you can put your house security at risk by doing that.

Unfortunately, many traditional-type houses have glass windows near the doors. Combined with the traditional locks that they use, it can be very easy for the burglars to break and enter into the house. It is better to change the glass windows with wooden windows and only open the windows when you stay at home.

2. Use Electronic Locking Mechanism

Traditional locking mechanism is very outdated if you insist to use it in today’s day and age. The burglars already have hundreds of techniques to break through the house that has a traditional locking mechanism on it. So, it’s time to switch for a better one.

The electronic locking mechanism is much better in protecting your house from burglars because it can be integrated with your alarm system and you can control it using your smartphones. You can change the PIN for the doors as often as you think is necessary and your house will remain safe that way.

3. Don’t Just Install One Lock on Your Doors

Installing an additional or secondary locking mechanism can greatly improve the overall security and safety of your property. Remember that your doors are often used as entry points for the burglars to loot and raid your valuable items. So, it is better for you not to give them even a small chance to make that happen.

By using the additional locking mechanism, you can use it as a backup lock for your doors to keep it secure for the burglars in case the primary lock is having a problem. For instance, you can use deadbolt locks as your secondary lock mechanism with the electronic lock as the primary one. When the electricity goes out, the secondary lock will still be able to protect your property.

4. Use Burglar-Proof Glasses for Your Windows

If you, for some reasons, don’t want to change or get rid of your glass windows, you can always strengthen it to make it burglar-proof. You can change the glasses with the burglar-proof glasses that are strong enough to withstand the breaking attempts from the intruders. In other words, when you install the burglar-proof glasses on your windows, it will be impossible for the burglars to break it.

As the intruders might try to get an opening by breaking down the glass windows, they can no longer do it because it is protected from any attempts to physically break it. So, if you are still using the regular glasses for your windows, the burglar-proof glasses are a great replacement to improve its security.

5. Install Hidden Motion Detectors and Security Cameras

Don’t let the intruders know that you have some security cameras and motion detectors installed in your house. If possible, you should make them startled when they trip the alarm system for the first time, so that they can flee the scene immediately. Thus, you will prevent your property from being burglarized. With the hidden security cameras, though, you can easily record the movements of the burglars and the authorities can catch them quickly.

So, you need to install hidden motion detectors and security cameras near your doors so that you can easily monitor the security condition of your house. With the hidden motion detectors, you can quickly be notified when there is an attempt to break into your house so that you can call the authorities immediately.

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