How to Catch Burglars that are Trying to Steal in Your Home

Lots of burglaries are done with the burglars being the winner. Most of them can get out of the target house in just under 10 minutes with their loots and without leaving any traces. For experienced burglars, the rate of their success is even higher because they have all the strategies and tools necessary to break into a house and get out of there as quickly and silently as possible.

Catching the burglars or intruders is not easy, even for the authorities because many burglaries are done without leaving any traces or proofs that lead to the perpetrators. Also, engaging with these intruders are not recommended, especially if they are armed, violent, and dangerous. However, increasing the chance to catch them while they try to steal your valuable items is possible. Here are some tips to catch burglars that are trying to steal in your home:

1. Have Some Hidden Cameras Ready

The key to be able to retain the proof of the burglary activity that happens in your house is to make the intruders think that they are not being monitored. So, when they think that they are not being monitored in your house, they might act reckless and perform the burglary act without much thinking. They might even remove their masks if they have one, or they might think that they can freely walk in various spots within your house interior.

Thus, hidden cameras becoming very important to have since it will be able to record what they are doing without them realizing about it. Even though you have some displayed cameras, it will act as a decoy so that once it is destroyed or disabled by the intruders, they will think that they don’t need to worry about security cameras anymore.

2. Activate Silent Alarm Notifications

A loud alarm system might deter the intruders from entering your house and steal your valuable things, but when you activate the silent notifications, it will be a different story. If the alarm is armed but only send silent notifications to you without triggering any loud sound, the burglars might think that your alarm system is disabled or you might not have any alarm system installed at all.

The silent notifications that you receive will notify you about the suspicious activity so that you can call for help from the authorities immediately without alerting the intruders at all. Thus, when they are in the middle of their act, the authorities will arrive at the scene without them realizing about it, and they can be caught in action.

3. Have Hidden Driveway Security Cameras

It is common for intruders or burglars to wear masks in their operations as to avoid their face from being identified via the security cameras. However, it is also common for burglars to park their van or vehicle in the driveway if they know that you are not at home. So, the only way to keep track of these people is to get their vehicle license number captured on camera.

By having hidden driveway security cameras, you might be able to give the police the license number so that they can track the whereabouts of the burglars or where they came from.

4. Call the Authorities Quietly as Soon as Possible

When burglars are in the middle of their action, do not delay to call the authorities as soon as possible. However, you need to do it quietly as to not giving the intruders the idea that the authorities are coming for them. By calling the authorities quietly, you will be able to get immediate help without alerting the intruders and threatening your own personal safety.

It is good to silent your phone while you are doing that and ensure that you are staying away from the room where the burglars are doing their operation when you perform the call. Getting out of the house is better while you do this.

5. Don’t Give an Impression of Your Presence

Do not ever give the impression that you are present at the house when the intruders are stealing your valuable items. It could put you into a big danger. Also, do not confront or engage them in any way, even though you are confident in your skills or abilities. You should just leave the house as soon as possible via the available escape route and then call for help from there.

Also, you need to be very careful not to make the intruders realize that there was someone within the house. They might escape immediately before the authorities can catch them. However, it is still always better to prioritize your own personal safety over catching them in the act.

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