How to Keep Your Home Security System Hidden from the Intruders

The best way to keep your home safe is to install a good home security system in important areas around your house, such as the entrance doors, windows, garage, living room, storage room, and so on. The home security system will help to monitor the condition of your residence 24/7, so that you will be able to keep it safe all the time. Whenever there is an intruder detected, the system will notify you via text messages or other means according to your notification settings.

There is a big reason why you need to keep your home security system hidden from the intruders. It is to keep them unaware that they are being watched so that they can be caught in the act. Also, when you keep it hidden, it will help you to prevent the intruders from damaging your equipment in order to turn off the surveillance system around your house.

Here are some tips to keep your home security system hidden from the intruders:

1. Keep the Wires Tidy

If you still use the wired CCTV/IP cameras and other equipment, be sure to keep your wires tidy because it can become a weakness in your security system. When intruders find out that you have wired CCTV/IP cameras, they can easily cut off the wires in order to stop the surveillance feed, and therefore, hide their act from the security system.

They can easily waltz into your house without being detected by your monitoring system because the wires have been cut off. So, in order to keep your security system hidden from these intruders, you need to hide the wires and keep them tidy. Moreover, it is important to keep the wires out of reach.

2. Put Your CCTV/IP Cameras in Hidden Places

Make sure to install the security cameras in places that the intruders might go through. For instance, the outdoor area, garage, front door, or back door. However, put your CCTV/IP cameras hidden in specific places. You can hide them around the bushes or hide them within the lamp pole.

While hiding your CCTV/IP cameras, be sure to check the video feeds from these cameras, whether they cover all areas or not. Also, make sure to turn on the night vision for the best surveillance feed during the night.

3. Blend Your Security Tools with The Environment

Not only hiding the CCTV/IP cameras, you also need to hide the other security tools that you have. For instance, you can hide the panic button under the table. You can also hide the motion detectors behind your indoor plants or other objects.

There are also various camouflage skins that you can purchase as an accessory for your security tools. These skins will help you to hide the security tools so that it can blend with the surrounding environment. The intruders won’t be able to notice it this way.

4. Go Wireless

There are lots of benefits that you will get when you go wireless in your home security system. When you go wireless, you will have your security equipment completely free from any wires. This can ease the placement of the equipment so that you can hide them more conveniently. Moreover, you can also access the control panel for your security tools with your smartphone or computer via a wireless connection.

This is why going wireless in your security system is important to improve the overall protection of your home against the intruders.

5. Don’t Make It Too Obvious

Lastly, you shouldn’t make the placement of your security system obvious for the intruders. It is even better to hide the placement of your security system from your family members and guests as well. Many people are still placing the CCTV/IP cameras in the front door or garage without hiding them, which is very dangerous for their home security because intruders can easily disable them.

So, place your equipment in places that nobody can guess. Even intruders will be cautious when they don’t find any home security system in the house that they are trying to break into. They will try to look out for hidden CCTV/IP cameras and other equipment.

This is why you need to keep everything under disguise. Maybe you can install one obvious camera at the front door while hiding the other 5 cameras in various places. This will keep their guard down.

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