How to Make Your Home Exteriors Not Appealing for Burglars

The one thing that the burglars will do before they decide to break into your house is to scout your property from the outside. If they think that your house is worth to target, they will make it their next target. The scouting process will be done in various ways, such as by taking photos of your property from the distance, peeking on your house interior through the windows, disguising themselves as guests to see if there are any people staying inside, and so on.

However, one most important factor that the burglars will consider before targeting your property is the exterior of your house. If it doesn’t appeal to them, they won’t dare try to break into your house. Here are some tips to make your home exteriors not appealing for burglars:

1. Mowed Lawn and Trimmed Plants

For burglars, the biggest clue that a property is vacant is when they see the lawn in a bad shape, with overgrown bushes, grass, and plants. This is a good indication that the owner of the property is not there, and there is probably no one there. The house that has this characteristic will likely be a target for intruders because it will be an easy steal for them.

So, to make your house less appealing for the burglars, it is important to always mow your lawn and trim your plants. Make sure that your lawn stays tidy and everything is under regular care. If you are on an extended vacation, make sure to hire some people to take care of your lawn at least once a week.

2. Well-Lit Exterior at Night

Burglars love to move at night because they can hide themselves more easily, and moreover, the neighbors are likely fast asleep while they are doing their operation. So, stealing at people’s houses will be great for them to be done at night. However, before targeting a house to break into, they need to ensure that the exterior lights are not well-lit.

If your house exterior is well lit, which means that you can see things around the house exterior clearly during the night, it will make your house unappealing for the intruders simply because their movements can easily be seen from the outside. It will give them less chance to succeed in their act of burglary.

3. Strong Doors and Windows

Another thing that will make your house exterior less appealing for the intruders is to have strong doors and windows with sturdy frames. This type of doors and windows is very difficult for burglars to break into, and even if they need to do it, they need to give a tremendous physical force in order to get it done. Moreover, if these doors and windows are tightly locked, it will make it even less appealing for them to target your house.

Be sure to have the doors and windows that are strong, durable, and sturdy, combined with advanced security locks that make it even more secure. If possible, you can also add some storm doors in your entry points to add more security to it.

4. Scattered Security Cameras

Displaying your security cameras throughout your house exterior can also act as a deterrent for the burglars. It will make your house less appealing to target, and moreover, you can also monitor every corner of your house exterior with these security cameras. So, if there are any suspicious people that are trying to scout your house in some ways, you will be able to spot them easily.

While scattering your security cameras might be good to deter the burglars, be sure not to spread them sporadically without any planning. The goal is to place each camera so that they can cover certain areas in your house exterior. Combined, these cameras should be able to cover all areas of your house exterior for easy 24/7 monitoring.

5. Locked Entrance

Having a home security system installed in your house won’t be effective in preventing any intruders from breaking into your property if your entrance is always open. Be sure to have a system which you can use to lock and unlock your entrance automatically. Ideally, the entrance should always be locked unless you are expecting guests or family members to come into your house.

With a locked entrance, it will make the burglars more hesitant to enter your house because they know that they will need to deal with the movement sensors and various other security tools that might have been installed around the perimeter.

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