How to Prevent Burglars from Kicking Their Way through Your Home Entry Points

One of the most common ways for burglars to enter your house is by kicking the entry points whether it is a door or window. If they cannot get access by lock-picking or any other soft methods, they will resort to kicking those entry points and make their way through. A house that has a bad or no security system will usually be vulnerable to this. However, on the side note, burglars will usually not resort to kicking the door or window unless they are sure that the owner is not there, or that the neighbors won’t spot their actions.

However, as with any other act of burglary, there is always a way to prevent this thing from happening. If you want to prevent burglars or intruders from damaging your doors and windows when they try to steal your items, you just need to make it impossible for them to do that. Here are some tips to prevent burglars from kicking their way through your home entry points:

1. Make Your Windows Burglar-Proof

Windows are common entry points that burglars will try to break when they find out that the doors are shut tight. Moreover, windows are easier to break than doors, and with many people installing low quality windows with a big glass on it, it is getting easier for burglars to just break the glass and enter the target house afterwards.

This is why you need to strengthen your windows by making them burglar-proof. There are a variety of burglar-proof windows that you can purchase nowadays, with sturdy glass and materials. If you have weak and vulnerable windows, try to replace them with better, sturdier, and burglar-proof ones.

2. Install Exterior Security Doors

Security doors provide another layer of protection for your entry points that will make it impossible for intruders to break your doors while trying to enter your house. It is made of sturdy materials that give the exterior protection for your doors with additional locks and unique bar-style built. It is suitable to be installed on the main door, back door, and patio door.

With the additional steel exterior for your doors, you will give more protection to your entry points and prevent any forced break-in whether you are at home or on vacation. It can even help deter burglars from trying to steal in your house.

3. Use Deadbolts for Your Entry Points

Deadbolts have been around for a long time, but its function in providing the best security lock for your doors is unchangeable. If you still rely on the regular door lock, it is the time for you to add more security to your entry points by installing additional deadbolts. It is affordable, and yet it has been proven time and again to suppress any physical attack on your entry points. If your doors are dead-bolted, burglars will have a problem breaking into your house by damaging your doors.

Deadbolts should be the mandatory lock system for all entry points in your house because of its sturdy design and various burglar-proof features.

4. Install Wires on Your Fences

If you have installed some fences around your front yard and backyard, be sure to add more security protection for your house by installing wires on it. Make the fences high enough that it is impossible for anyone to access your house area except by going through the fence door. For burglars, they have to climb the fences in order to access your front yard or backyard area.

But, this is where your extra protection will kick in. By installing wires on your fences, burglars will not be able to get access to your front yard or backyard area at all. As long as you keep your fence doors securely locked, they won’t be able to break into your house using physical force.

5. Replace Your Doors with Sturdier Materials

The most common security vulnerability that you might have in your entry points is weak or low-quality materials for your doors. So, before installing any additional locks or home security system, you should ensure that your doors can withstand physical force. Installing additional locks won’t do anything to protect your door if the door itself has weak and low-quality materials.

So, it is recommended for you to replace your doors with the ones with sturdier materials. By doing this, burglars will be less likely to enter your house by kicking your doors. Combined with some good locking mechanism, it should be enough to prevent them from kicking their way through your home entry points.

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