How to Prevent Burglars from Using Your Pet Door as an Entry Point to Your House

Among various entry points that can be used by the intruders to enter into your property without permission, the pet door might be one entry point that is commonly neglected by the homeowners. They might have locked all doors and windows in an attempt to prevent any possible break-ins, but they might keep this small entry point open for their pets. The bad thing about this is that burglars or intruders might use the dog entrance as their entry point to enter your house.

This is especially true if you have a pet door that is big enough for a small kid to go through. Burglars can use it to reach the door lock and unlock it from inside through the dog entrance. So, it is important for you to prevent this from happening. Here are some tips to prevent burglars from using your pet door as an entry point to your house:

1. Reduce the Size

If you have a big pet door due to having a big-sized dog, you might want to consider reducing the size of it. This is because the smaller the dog entrance, the more difficult it is for burglars to use it to break into your house. You just need to create the pet door that fits exactly to the size of your dog, or even smaller. Your pet can crawl when they go through the door without any problem.

If you have a big dog like Labrador or similar, make the dog entrance just enough for them to crawl through it to go in and out of the house.

2. Teach Your Pet to Stay Outside or Inside at Night

Another way to make it impossible for burglars to use your pet door as an entry point is to teach your pets to just stay inside or outside at night. In other words, they will only be allowed to use the small entry point during the day. This way, they won’t use it at night and you can simply lock the dog entrance during the time when you sleep at home.

Whether you keep your pet inside or let them stay outside during the night, it will minimize the chance for them to go out and wander outside of the house during the sleep hours. You can also create a small home for your dog outside if you want them to stay outside during the night. When you do this, it can be advantageous for your home security because they can also guard your house while you sleep.

3. Relocate the Installation

Many people might not realize that the pet door doesn’t have to be installed on the main entry point. Yes, you can always install it on the wall just like a regular door, or you can install it on the window. When you do this, you will make it impossible for burglars to use the dog entrance to reach into the door lock. In this way, they can’t unlock the door from the outside.

When you relocate the pet door installation, it will also be beneficial for your pets because they will have their own path to go in and out of the house without having to interfere with your main entry point.

4. Integrate an Alarm System

At least, you should put a motion detector around the pet door so that it can detect any suspicious activities that might have been done by the intruders. Since many people only integrate their alarm system for their main entry points while neglecting the dog entrance completely, their house might be vulnerable to home invasion by doing this. Burglars know that the pet door might not be integrated with an alarm system, so they will use it as their safest entry point in their home invasion.

However, make sure that the sensor doesn’t mistake the suspicious activities with the activities of your pets.

5. Using Microchip Pet Door for Your Pets

Nowadays, it is possible for you to install a microchip pet door to make it more secure for your pets to go in and out of the house. With this type of technology, you will ensure that only your pets can go in and out of the house using this small entry point. Burglars or intruders won’t be able to do it because it will always be locked by default.

The microchip pet door will require you to put a microchip on your pet’s collar to identify that it is your pet that is going through the door, so it can be used a key for them to access this door freely.

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