How To Prevent Intruders And Burglars From Turning Off Your Alarm System

When it comes to the home alarm system, there is a common workaround that seasoned burglars and intruders will do to avoid getting caught. They will try to disarm the alarm system before they break into their target house. So, be aware that there is always the risk of burglars and intruders to break into your home even though your alarm system is active. By disarming the alarm system, these bad people can steal your valuable items without being detected, and leave your house unscathed.

As a homeowner, you have to be smarter than these lowly people. That’s why you have to prevent the alarm system in your home from being tampered with. You have to be able to prevent these people from disarming your alarm. Here are some tips to prevent intruders and burglars from turning off your alarm system:

1. Make Sure That The Backup Battery Can Last A Long Time

First of all, your alarm system will likely rely on your home electricity, meaning that if the electricity is cut off, your alarm system will automatically be disarmed. Without a backup battery, your alarm system will be very easy to disarm. Intruders can simply cut off your electricity, and their work is done. However, since most modern alarm systems include a backup battery, you don’t need to worry about the alarm being turned off due to a power outage. But, you have to ensure that the backup battery can last long enough, so that your alarm system can still be active at the time of a power outage.

2. Make Sure That You Have A Backup Signal

Most conventional home alarm systems use the telephone line as a signal to communicate between each alarm device. So, your door alarm and window alarm will likely communicate with each other via the telephone line, and then send the signal to the control center in your home. If this is the case, burglars can simply cut your telephone line, and the alarm signal will no longer transmitting. This is very dangerous, because if it happens, your alarm system is completely disarmed and intruders can break into your home undetected. So, you should consider having a backup signal in case the telephone line is cut off, such as by opting for a backup radio or wireless signal.

3. Keep The Security Response Time High

Whenever your home alarm system is triggered, the security company will be notified about this and send a dispatch help immediately. Depending on the security monitoring location, the dispatch help can arrive at your home within a few minutes to a few hours. What is important is to keep your security response time high, so that the authorities can always be ready to help you whenever there is a security problem happening. One of the things that you need to do to keep the security response high is to reduce the instances of false alarm notifications from your home. If possible, you must never send any false alarm notification to the security center, so that every time your alarm is triggered, it will be considered a legit call for help.

4. Monitor Your Alarm Signals Periodically

Each alarm equipment that you have installed at home is communicating with each other, as well as with the control center, using a special signal. Once one of the alarms is breached, it will send a signal to the control center, which will then send it to your security company. However, the strength of this signal can be weakened from time to time due to various reasons. The intruders can even jam your alarm signals so that they can stop the communication between each alarm device. This is why it is important for you to monitor your alarm signal periodically, as well as buy a device to monitor signal for your alarm system.

5. Change Your Alarm Codes Regularly

Once you’ve installed your alarm system for the first time, don’t forget to change your alarm codes immediately. Don’t just use the default code, which is usually 1234 or 0000, without changing it at all. The intruders can easily figure out this code and break into your home with an authorized access. This is what many people usually forget to do after installing their alarm system, which can put their home security at risk. It is better to change your alarm codes regularly, as well as remembering the current pass code that you have created.

Those are some tips to prevent intruders and burglars from turning off your alarm system. It is always better to outsmart these bad people before they even try to outsmart your home security system. By taking these preventive measures, you will be able to keep your alarm system active all the time, so that you can call for help whenever you need it.

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