How to Secure Your Home If You Live in a Bad Neighborhood

When you live in a bad neighborhood, you don’t have much benefits in terms of the security in your area. It means that your property is vulnerable to various types of potential threats. Bad neighborhood implies that there is quite a high crime rate in the area, and home invasions happen quite often. The neighbors or people who are living around you are also not too good and trustworthy, which may add more risks in your home security.

Living in a bad neighborhood can be a challenge in itself. But, if you can’t do anything to change that situation, meaning that you don’t really have the means to move out to a better and safer neighborhood, then adding up your security defenses is the safest option for you. When you live in an unsafe environment, securing your property becomes the number one priority. Here are some tips to secure your home if you live in a bad neighborhood:

1. Don’t Be Showy with What You Have

In a bad neighborhood, there are more bad people that surveying the area all the time in the search for a target property. If you are too showy with what you have, then these bad people might easily spot you and mark your property as their next target. This is because while there are relatively many bad people around a bad neighborhood, it is difficult for them to mark a target because people in this neighborhood are usually not rich.

So, when they see that you keep on showing to your neighbors that you have the latest gadgets and all the good stuff, it will tempt the bad people to rob your house later. So, don’t give them the opportunity or even inspiration to do that.

2. Install a Complete Home Security System

Burglars won’t expect a house in an unsafe neighborhood to have an alarm system or even a complete home security system. Again, this is usually because most people in this area can’t afford it. But, installing a complete home security system is necessary for you to protect your house fully from intruders or bad people.

The complete home security system usually includes security cameras, alarm system, emergency button, door lock system, and motion sensors. It can scare off the burglars immediately.

3. Keep the Entry Points Secure

Examine your house and see what entry points your property has. Entry points refer to the doors or areas that you can use to enter the house. For instance, you might be able to enter your house via the garage, front door, and back door. These are your entry points, and these entry points are the spots that are used by intruders to enter your house as well. The only difference is that they will do it forcefully.

In order to keep your house safe from intruders, you have to ensure that all entry points are secure. Make it as difficult as possible for anyone else to enter your property. Use deadbolt locks on your main doors to keep it burglar-proof. You can also burglar-proof the windows.

4. Be Generous with Your Neighbors

The bad thing about a bad neighborhood is that you cannot fully trust your neighbors. In many cases, your neighbors might be the friends of the people who are trying to burglar your house at night. So, you can never be too careful.

However, when you are generous with your neighbors, and maintain good friendships with them, they will likely not disturb you. You just need to give them gifts occasionally or ask them for some help in taking care of your house by giving them some money.

5. Keep the House Look Occupied All the Time

When you are going away, be sure to keep your house look occupied all the time. You need to have light timers to manage the lighting in your property so that it will automatically be lit at night and turned off in the morning. You can also use timers to turn on and off various electronic devices, such as TV and music player.

By keeping your house look occupied all the time, you don’t give intruders the reason to break into your property. This is because most intruders will only take action when there is an opportunity to do it, and by keeping your home look occupied all the time, you don’t give them any reason or opportunity to perform their action.

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