The Best Ways to Store Your Valuable Items at Home and Protect Them from Burglars

The primary reason why burglars might be interested to break into your house is that they want to steal some valuable items that you have. Without having any valuable items to target, they won’t risk getting caught for breaking into someone’s property. That’s why you need to make sure that your valuable items are safely protected in order to avoid any intruders from taking them away from you.

The way many people store their valuable items is usually very risky as they don’t care about where they place their belongings. They usually just leave it there lying on the ground or place it on the table without giving any thought about it. This is why they are more likely to lose their items due to their carelessness. Remember that burglars rely on your negligence in taking care of your own property or valuable items.

So, it’s always necessary for you to be on guard all the time. Here are the best ways to store your valuable items at home and protect them from burglars:

1. Security-Locked Safe Storage Box

Since burglars and other intruders like to break into anyone’s property when the owner is away, it is always better to keep your valuable items safe in a safe storage box so that they will not have the chance to steal them. This is because the security mechanism for the box will require them to enter the right combination keys or PIN in order to open the storage box. They can’t break the storage box in order to steal the valuables inside since the safe box is designed to be safe and secure from any forced attempts to break it.

This is the great way for you to keep highly expensive items safe without having to worry when you leave your home. You can choose smaller or large box depending on the items that you want to store in it.

2. A Special Room with Advanced Locking Mechanism

It is also a good idea for you to use a special room to store many of your valuable items there. However, the room needs to be locked with advanced security system as well as the alarm system to keep it safe from any breaking attempt. You need to invest on various types of security measures to keep any intruders out of their way.

It is simple to create a room like this. Just designate one room in your house that you don’t use a lot. Then, strengthen the room security significantly and make it a special room that you can use to store all your valuable items. Lock it with an advanced locking mechanism and close all entrances to this room other than the main entrance that has the high security locking mechanism.

3. Disguised Items

It is quite easy nowadays to store your valuable items in random stuff such as books, picture frames, cans, bottles, and other items that look worthless to the intruders.

You can even purchase a small safe storage disguised as a book and store it in the middle of your book collection. Burglars won’t check it since they think that it is just a book. Yet, within that safe storage disguised as a book, you can store jewelries and other small valuable items safely.

4. Disguised Wall Decoration

The decoration on your walls can also be used to store valuable items that you have. If you want to keep it hidden from the burglars, you can simply create a wall decoration that doesn’t attract too much attention. Then, you can install a hidden safe box on the wall in order to keep your valuables hidden from anyone else.

As with the wall decoration, you can also hide valuables behind the paintings, wallpapers, pictures, and the like.

5. Old Boxes and Clothes

If you have a storage room or garage in your house where you use to store any items that are no longer usable for you, you can place some old boxes there and store your valuable items inside the old boxes. Disguised within the messy storage room, burglars won’t suspect that they can find anything valuable for them there.

You can also use your clothes to hide your money. Choose the clothes that are less attractive and store some money in the pockets. Spread your money in several clothes and store these clothes in the same closet as your other clothes. However, put them in places where it cannot be found easily, such as in the middle of the stacks.

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