The Pros And Cons Of The Wired Home Security Camera System

Despite the popularity of the wireless IP security system, many people still prefer the wired home security camera system for the protection of their property. It can be understood, since there are still many advantages that you can get when you install the wired surveillance system. For instance, with the wired system, you don’t need to deal with the unstable footage due to the loss of wireless signal connection. With the wired system, the footage is recorded and monitored smoothly without any interruption.

However, there are still various cons that you need to consider before installing the wired camera system. Here, you will understand more about the pros and cons of the traditional wired surveillance system for your home. By understanding about the pros and cons, you can then make a better decision in choosing the home security camera that is most suitable for you. Here are the pros and cons of the wired home security camera system:

1. Installation Procedure

Pros: The installation procedure of the wireless cameras requires solid wires to be connected from the cameras to the control center. This ensures a stable and high quality connection for the camera footage. With the wires that connect to the cameras, you can make sure that the footage can be captured without any delay or interference from nearby devices.

Cons: The installation of the wired security cameras is too complicated for the average users, so you need to ask the help from a technician to do that. Also, the cameras have rigid placement, which means that you cannot change the position of the cameras easily. You also need to drill holes in the wall if you want to install this type of security system in your home, which can affect your interior aesthetics negatively.

2. Connection Method

Pros: The main connection of the security cameras is the wires that are connected from the camera to the control center unit. The wires used by the security system are solid wires that are usually difficult to cut, which will also ensure secure and stable connection between the cameras and the control center. The footage is stored locally on a hard drive.

Cons: Despite having sturdy wires to connect the camera, smart intruders or burglars can cut the camera cables easily in order to cut the footage monitoring. This is especially true, since usually the camera cables are exposed on your walls. Intruders can easily locate your camera cables and cut them.

3. Power Source

Pros: The power source used by the wired security cameras is your home’s electricity, with the backup power available whenever there is a power outage. This means a stable power consumption for the security system, which will ensure that the security system is always active in your home, even when the intruders try to cut the power source.

Cons: The power consumption required for the entire security camera system is usually high enough, adding more spending on your electricity bill. It makes the system quite expensive to maintain, especially in regards to the power consumption.

4. Footage Quality

Pros: The footage is stored locally on the hard drives connected with the camera security system, and you can set the footage quality according to your need. High quality footage means that you can store the footage for up to a week or more before the system overwrites the data. Low quality footage means that you can store the footage for up to a month or more before the system overwrites the data.

Cons: The general video quality is not as clear or as sharp as the footage captured by wireless camera system. This is because the wireless camera system usually has the latest camera technology and features.

5. Camera Design

Pros: The bulky and rigid camera design can intimidate intruders and burglars before they begin their act. This way, you can easily prevent intruders from entering your home with this camera in place.

Cons: There is not many variations in the camera design, which means that you can’t match the cameras with the interior design of your home. The cameras will stand out, and may intimidate or make your guests and family members feel uncomfortable.

Those are the pros and cons of the wired home security camera system. Now that you understand what to expect from this camera system, you can make a decision whether you want to pick this model for your home protection. Additionally, you can take a look at the wireless camera system if you want to compare between the two models before your final decision.

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