Tips on Choosing the Best Storm Door for Maximum Home Security Protection

One of the best ways to double your home security is to strengthen your entry points with the storm doors. It will not only make your house sturdier in time of storms and bad weathers, but it will also make it more difficult for the intruders to break into your house. By installing the storm doors to your entry points, you will be able to protect your house better. Also, combined with various security equipment, you will make your house less appealing for the burglars to target.

However, storm doors are not created in the same way. You need to choose only the one that can provide you with the best home security protection so that you can use it for a long time. Here are some tips on choosing the best storm door for maximum home security protection:

1. Sturdy Frame

This is the one thing that you need to consider as your priority. Not all storm doors are built with the frame that is sturdy enough to withstand big storms or physical force. In fact, some of them might easily be damaged by bad weathers.

So, it is important for you not to choose the door with a cheap build quality that will only be placed in your entry point just for the decorative purpose. They need to be durable enough to withstand physical forces applied by burglars when they are trying to break into your house. It needs to have a strong build quality and high-quality materials.

2. Additional Security Locks

To maximize your overall home security protection, it is necessary that the storm door has the additional security locks that can strengthen the overall door frame. With the additional security locks like deadbolts and other types of locks, your entry points will be completely unbreakable. The intruders will have a really hard time just to break through the storm door alone.

It is recommended that the exterior door has at least two additional locks that will perfectly work to strengthen the existing locks that you have in your entry points.

3. Thoroughly Tested for Bad Storms and Weathers

Choose the product that comes from a well-known and reputable brand. This is important if you take your home security very seriously. A good storm door should have been tested for bad storms and weathers and proved to be durable enough for such situations. It should be offered in warranty so that it gives you the peace of mind of using a high-quality and durable product.

Some cheap storm doors out there are made purely for the decorative purpose, and they can barely withstand a medium storm. They might be good enough, but the frame is not sturdy enough to withstand physical forces. You need to avoid such cheap products and go for a product that is a bit more expensive yet more durable.

4. High Quality Glass

The glass material that is used for the storm door matters. If you choose the glass that is low quality, it will only keep you warm in cold days and protect you from storms that are not too strong. But, when it comes to burglary or dealing with physical forces applied by the intruders, it won’t do much. This is why you need to choose the glass material that is also strong and sturdy, as well as tamper proof and burglar proof.

Most of the time, storm doors allow you to change the glass or panel as you need it. So, be sure to ask the manufacturer if there are any burglar-proof glass available for your door. It will help you to prevent the intruders from breaking it.

5. Tamper-proof Hinges and Heavy-Gauge Bars

The hinges used in the storm doors need to also be tamper-proof so that it is impossible to break the hinges to get access to the main entry point. The bars that help to close the door automatically should also be heavy-gauge, meaning that it is not just some regular bars that are lightweight and make the door look flimsy. Combined with deadbolts, the tamper-proof hinges and heavy-gauge bars will help you to protect your house from intruders.

Those are some tips that you can follow to choose the best storm door for maximum home security protection. Not all storm doors are created to protect you from burglars because many of them are just made to protect you from bad weathers. So, in order to ensure that you get the additional protection from burglary and home invasion for your storm doors, these tips will help you choose the one that offers the features that are necessary to improve your home security system.

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