What Features to Look for in a Good Smart Lock for Your Home Security

The smart lock system is one of the few security technologies that is gaining more usage in the home environment. Because of its integration with smart devices that you have, you can use this security technology to lock your doors safely and control the locking system using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is convenient, and it provides more security for your property.

There are many smart lock brands that you can use for your home security, and each of them offers their own benefits. However, in choosing a good smart lock for your property, you don’t need to look too much at the brand name or the price. You just need to see the features that they offer. If the smart lock has the features that you need, you can be sure that your home will be safer when you install it later. Here are the features to look for in a good smart lock for your home security:

1. Compatibility with Your Existing Deadbolt Locks

Most smart lock systems are designed to be placed on top of your existing deadbolt locks, which adds more security to your front doors and entry points. In this way, intruders cannot just break your deadbolt locks, which is quite a difficult thing to do, to go through the front doors or entry points that you have. The smart lock system has its own advanced locking mechanism that is designed to replace the regular deadbolt mechanism.

However, not all smart locks will be compatible with all brands of deadbolts. So, you need to choose the one that has a good compatibility with your existing deadbolts so that you can use it right away without the need to replace your deadbolt hardware.

2. Long-lasting Battery

Most smart locks work with portable battery that allows you to obtain the access to the electrical system that it has. However, the battery usually only lasts about less than a month, so you need to replace it now and then. And, if the battery dies, the smart lock system won’t work.

So, you want to use the one that has long-lasting battery, preferably rechargeable battery, so that you don’t need to be bothered with replacing the battery now and then. Remember that connecting wirelessly to various home security devices will require constant use of battery power, so choose the one that conserves the battery power better than the others.

3. Connection Method

How do you want to connect to the smart locks? Do you want to connect to those devices via WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other wireless connection methods? Remember that each connection method has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the WiFi connection will depend on your internet network to function, providing a wide connection area across various types of devices and a faster connection.

However, Bluetooth connection will always be available despite your internet network, but it will be slower and the types of devices that it can connect to will be limited. So, choose the smart lock device with the connection type that you want to use.

4. Integration with the Existing Home Security System

Aside of being able to be integrated with your smart devices like smartphones and tablets, most smart lock devices can be integrated with various other security equipment as well. This includes alarm system, sensors, detectors, security cameras, and so on.

Again, the compatibility might varies depending on the security devices and the brands or models, so make sure that all security tools that you have are compatible with the new smart lock. The more security tools that are compatible with it, the better.

5. The Lock and Unlock Method

There are various ways you can use to lock and unlock your doors using the smart lock system. You can simply tap your smartphone to the control panel to automatically lock or unlock the door, or you can use the touchpad and enter your PIN code to do it. There are various ways you can use to lock or unlock your doors depending on the types and models of the smart lock device.

So, you need to consider this aspect for your convenience later. If you want to just use the automatic locking system using your smart devices, you can choose the model that offers such a feature. It’s the same if you want to just use a PIN code to lock or unlock the doors. There are various models that offer this feature. Just remember that the more convenient the lock and unlock method is, the more expensive the smart lock device will likely be.

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